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And you thought time-travel was impossible.
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Nivea Eau de Toilette_2015

Nivea Eau de Toilette launches in Germany in late 2015

For so many of us, the scent of Nivea cream is an olfactory time machine that throws us back to our childhood years whiplash-fast. How many generations has it been since Nivea debuted in 1911? At the end of this month, residents of and visitors to Germany can pick up that scent in a 30mL bottle when Nivea Eau de Toilette launches there.

nivea eau de toilette, omg

The second incarnation of that iconic Nivea smell in atomizer form (a 2011 release is floating around out there), Nivea Eau de Toilette is housed in a spare white flacon shaped like the original tin. That is to say, round. Like in the opening photo. *grin* (Let's not split hairs over the not-so-round base.)

Bergamot, mandarin and lavender notes introduce themselves first, and give way to lily of the valley, rose, freesia and ylang-ylang. Sandalwood and powdery notes make up the drydown.

So far, we know only that Germany and then Austria will have the fragrance (retail is apparently 24 Euros). No news yet on global Nivea Eau de Toilette distribution.

Whaddya think, lovelies? Anyone going to Germany in a few weeks? (#souvenirgift) And does anyone already have the 2011 Nivea fragrance?? Why did that disappear? (I'm assuming it did – am I wrong?)