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You’ll actually have to knock me out to get this away from me…
Dior Miroir 001 Vernis Cosmopolite Collection 2015 SubHead

Dior Vernis Miroir 001

Oh mah lawd! Lookit this Dior Miroir 001 Vernis for fall 2015! Just lookit it! She comes to us from the Limited Edition Cosmopolite Collection and she is stunning.

dior miroir swatches & review

Dior Miroir Nail Polish 001 Fall 2015 Limited Edition Cosmopolite Collection

Dior Miroir 001: limited edition cosmopolite collection fall 2015

I’m not sure if ya’ll know how much I love chrome polishes, but in real life I love them. I’m pretty sure they’re all made just for me because they don’t wear spectacularly well (on account of the finish). That’s perfect for me because really, nothing wears spectacularly well for me. One day polish? I’m great with that ‘cause that’s how often I change my polish anyhow.

Dior Miroir 001 Vernis Nail Polish 2015 Limited Edition

Dior Vernis Miroir 001: limited edition 2015

This Dior Miroir 001 Vernis (above) is a silver chrome. It feels remarkably similar to OPI’s Push & Shove but it seems to have a little more top coat built into the formula. That makes it better than the OPI. And also better than the Sally Hansen Color Foils.

Dior Miroir Vernis Nail Polish 001 LE Fall 2015

Dior Vernis Miroir 001: limited edition 2015

My finish is flawless. Will you be able to get it on your nails as evenly and smoothly as I did? If you have a smooth nail surface and a smooth top coat you will! There’s a trick, friends – use a top coat as a base coat to ensure a smart, level base. I have a clear soak-off gel base under there so I have no bumpies or ridgies (not that I really do anyhow) and my finish is perfection.

Dior Miroir 001 Nail Vernis Fall 2015 Cosmopolite Collection

Dior Vernis Miroir 001: limited edition 2015

That’s one coat. One. OCW! And did I mention the brush? Best.Brush.Ever!!! My pinky finger only requires one single stroke of polish for complete, even coverage. So good. So very, very good.

Dior Miroir Vernis Nail Polish 001 with top coat 2015 Cosmpolite

Dior Miroir 001 with Dior Gel Coat top coat

And wait… as chromes are notoriously craptastical in their wear time, how about I slap some top coat over it to see if I can prolong the life of this beauty?

Dior Miroir 001 Vernis Nail Polish Fall 2015 Cosmopolite

Dior Miroir 001 with Dior Gel Coat top coat

Wheeee! The Dior Gel Coat over Miroir doesn’t dull it at all! Lookit that! Stupendous, right?

Yes, Dior Vernis Miroir 001 is indeed limited edition and it’s on counter right now. In Canada, get it at The Bay. In the US, get it at Nordstrom. In the UK, hit Selfridges. Hurry though, this stunner ain’t gonna last much longer and you’re going to need it for New Year’s Eve! Am I right? Yeah, you know I am!

For more information on the Dior Cosmopolite Collection for Fall 2015, point your mouse at

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