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Essence Nail Polish The Gel_Beautygeeks

Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish

Hello fellow polish fiends! It’s a great day! It’s Essence Nail Polish day! That’s right, Essence Cosmetics has recently re-launched their fantastical nail polish line and they’re calling it The Gel Nail Polish. It’s still priced insanely affordably and it still has that stupendous brush in there. What else? A bunch of new shades. Yay!

Essence Nail Polish Swatches

Essence Nail Polish Sweet As Candy The Gel _ 1

Essence Nail Polish: Sweet As Candy

I have big, huge love for this line of polish. Late at night, I lurk in my local Shoppers Drug Mart store to see what’s new in drugstore polishes. Last time I went in, this whole re-vamped line was there. Score!!

Essence Nail Polish _ Essence Turn the Lights On

Essence Nail Polish: Essence Turn the Lights On

Some are new core shades and some are older shades that have been renamed and perhaps have slight ingredient tweaks. It’s hard to tell because really, this stuff is equally as good as the older named Color & Go line. I tell ya what – I freakin’ love it. It covers all my basic shade needs unbelievably well.

Essence Nail Polish _ Essence Indian Summer

Essence Nail Polish: Essence Indian Summer

I’ve raved about the Essence Nail Polish brush before (right in here). It’s the best brush available in any of the drugstore brands. Yep, I said that. And, I meant that. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have this brush. S’magical. It’s so incredibly easy to use that it puts all other brushes (except Dior’s) to shame.

Essence Dont Be Shy _ Essence Nail Polish

Essence Nail Polish: Don't Be Shy

And the price – oh my! We’re talking about a whopping $1.99 Canadian for a little bottle of total exuberant joyfulness. The quality stuffed in there for $1.99 astounds me. Seriously.

Essence Nail Polish Lets Get Lost

Essence Nail Polish: Lets Get Lost

Essence Cosmetics Party Princess over Lets Get Lost

Essence Nail Polish: Party Princess over Lets Get Lost

Except for Turn the Lights on (3 coats), everything was two wicked-fast and wicked-easy coats. If I slapped the Party Princess glittery goodness on over sumthin’, then the total coats is 3.

Essence Nail Polish _ Essence Rock My World

Essence Nail Polish: Rock My World

Essence Nail Polish_ Essence Party Princess over Rock My World

Essence Nail Polish: Party Princess over Rock My World

You know I stick my fingers into pretty much everything I can get my hands on and review it all while keeping certain things in mind. Brushes, formula, level, dry time, pigment, finish, shine…blah blah blah… It doesn’t matter what it costs, it all gets the same critical judgment. The fact that this $1.99 brand is right up there on my list of favourite polishes of ever should tell you how I feel about it. It’s some of that stuff that lands on my desk and brings a smile – a big, fat smile.

Essence Black is Back Nail Polish

Essence Nail Polish: Black is Back

Essence Nail Polish_Essence Party Princess over Black is Back

Essence Nail Polish: Party Princess over Black is Back

It’s such a pleasure to use a product that’s made this well. Someone somewhere deserves a medal. Sadly, I don’t have a medal to give, all I have is Crunchy Cheetos dollars. I’m insanely happy to give up a couple bags of Crunchy Cheetos (yes, I buy the family size bags because the snack size is for amateurs) just to get me these 10 shades of Essence The Gel Nail Polish. So worth it. So freakin’ worth it.

Essence Nail Polish_Essence Lucky

Essence Nail Polish: #Lucky

Essence Nail Polish _ Essence Lucky

Essence Nail Polish: #Lucky with The Gel Nail Polish Top Coat

You got this stuff where you’re at? Have you tried it? If no, you might wanna!

Essence Fame Fatal Nail Polish

Essence Nail Polish: Fame Fatal

Here in Canada, you can get Essence Cosmetics at select Shoppers Drug Mart stores. In the US, I hear some Ulta stores carry it. For more information, I invite you to visit

Manicures and photographs Karen Falcon (she’s pretty sure her desk is somewhere under all these bottles)