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Fun nails, smiling face, and grinning wallet. M hm.
Funky Fingers Material Girl Swatches Beautygeeks Header - Version 2

Funky Fingers Material Girl

My sister is best. A couple weeks ago, Janine sent me a random text that said “I’m in America. Need anything?” I sent back “You near a Five Below?” She sent back “I dunno.” With great speed, I Google-mapped her, Google-mapped the closest Five Below store, and sent her directions. She was five minutes away from Five Below! Best random text everrrrrrr!

funky fingers material girl swatches

Sister went nuts. Apparently, when it comes to buying nail polish, she has less control than I do. She threw 24 different bottles of the stuff in her shopping cart and sent me a photo. I made her put some back. I didn’t make her put this one back - it's Funky Fingers Material Girl and it's stupendous!

Funky Fingers Material Girl Swatch Review Beautygeeks_1

Funky Fingers Material Girl

I ended up with 17 different shades for a grand total of $34USD. Right now, that’s somewhere in the region of $40CAD which averages to $2.35CAD per bottle. Yep, $2.35 Canadian.

Funky Fingers Material Girl Swatch Beautygeeks _2

Funky Fingers Material Girl

The polish in this bottle is remarkable for that price. You’re looking at 3 coats that go on quickly (and easily) to give you this kinda cool pearlescent-jelly-satin-matte finish. I’m diggin’ it.

Funky Fingers Material Girl Nail Polish _3

Funky Fingers Material Girl

And hey! Did you know that Funky Fingers is really Color Club in disguise? How ‘bout that? Five Below also carries Fresh Paint nail polish - another Color Club brand.

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Funky Fingers Material Girl

For more information on where you can get you some Funky Fingers, visit To get this polish here in Canada, you’re gonna either have to go Stateside, get a mule, or have a super-awesome sister like mine.

Manicure and photographs Karen Falcon (she has over 300 sets of figural salt & pepper shakers)