Cute macaron-like packaging, pretty shades – stop it, Clinique, just stop it.
Clinique Sweet Pop Sugar Lip Balm & Tints lip scrub and lip balm sneak peek

Clinique Sweet Pop Sugar Lip Balm & Tint

I have little use for a lip scrub. Why bother when I can just wet the corner of a towel or washcloth with hot water, squeeze it out and buff? But if the Clinique Sweet Pots I spotted on Jane Cunningham's British Beauty Blogger Instagram account, @britbeautyblog, come to Canada, I'ma be all over those. Oh -- wait, update: Jane just told me the official name of the product is Clinique Sweet Pop Sugar Lip Balm & Tint.

According to Jane, Clinique Sweet Pop Sugar Lip Balm & Tints are "double-sided lip scrub and balms." I love lip balm. I love tinted lip balm. And I love adorable packaging, more than I love macarons (the only macarons worth having are from Pierre Hermé in Paris or from my dear friend Angela Sarantakos, who trained in Paris and makes French macarons with flavour – so many others just taste like sugar). For tinted lip balm and super-cute pots like these, I'll get into a lip scrub.

Clinique Sweet Pop Sugar Lip Balm & Tints lip scrub and balm duos_via britishbeautyblogger

Clinique Sweet Pop Sugar Lip Balm & Tint duos – #grabbyhands

No word yet on when Clinique Sweet Pop Sugar Lip Balm & Tints might land in North America or Canada. Stay tuned!  **UPDATE!** Coming in January or February 2016!

And in the meantime, do what I'll do – stash about $60 away because you know you're going want at least one, maybe two. (Am estimating about $24 each plus tax.)

If you don't already, follow @britbeautyblog on Instagram or via periscope as Britishbeautyblogger if you're into that; bet Jane will have more news shortly at least on the UK front.

Update: Indeed Jane does have a bit more Clinique Sweet Pop Sugar Lip Balm & Tint news here on britishbeautyblogger.com.

Er – perhaps worth noting: it's "macaron" not "macaroon." Macaroons are made with coconut. xo