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I bought myself pretty presents... were they worth it?
Michael Kors Nail Polish Swatches Beautygeeks

Michael Kors Cabaret

Hallo lovelies! I’m back from the land of vacation and while I was away, the Michael Kors nail polishes I ordered from Hudson's Bay landed on my desk! What a nice surprise to come home to! Shall we?

michael kors nail polish swatches

Michael Kors Nail Polish Cabaret Beautygeeks

Michael Kors Nail Polish Brushes

Michael Kors Nail Polish Brushes (above). First, let’s look at the brush so you know what I had to work with. It’s very Essie-esque. Round and a good length, with perfectly flexible bristles that let me push and pull the polish around on my nails. It’s a decent brush. If you read between the lines, that means average. Not great, not terrible – just average.

Michael Kors Cabaret Nail Polish Swatch Beautygeeks

Michael Kors Cabaret

Michael Kors Nail Polish Cabaret (above). Pretty, right? And you know what else? It was easy to get on there in two coats. It’s a super blue-y cabernet red that doesn’t pop Crustacean Hands on me. Yay!

Michael Kors Nail Polish Charmed Swatch Beautygeeks

Michael Kors Charmed

Michael Kors Nail Polish Charmed (above). Oh! I should show you that gold lid pops off to reveal a rather unattractive and surprisingly inexpensive-feeling white plastic handle. The boxes and bottles until the cap comes off are really something. Then you pop the top and wow… underwhelming, Michael Kors. But the shade – Charmed – she’s pretty as all get-out. There’s a touch of stealth shimmer in there that makes this shade perfection. That’s two coats because one just isn’t enough. There’s no top coat on there either!

Michael Kors Fantasy Nail Polish Swatch Beautygeeks

Michael Kors Fantasy

Michael Kors Nail Polish Fantasy (above). Then there’s this pretty hidden-shimmer periwinkle blue. Two coats to perfect. The level is great, the dry time is average, and the shine and pigment are both swell. It’s good. Yep, good.

Michael Kors Impulse Nail Polish Swatch Beautygeeks

Michael Kors Impulse

Michael Kors Nail Polish Impulse (above). Because we’re moving into Fall, I picked this as one of the six shades to treat myself with. It’s not an original shade (flat teal green) but the application and finish are excellent. Again, in two careful coats (you don’t want to slap this in your sidewalls or flood your cuticles with a shade this dark), you can get exactly what you see there.

Michael Kors Rendezvous Nail Polish Swatch Beautygeeks

Michael Kors Rendezvous

Michael Kors Nail Polish Rendezvous (above). Ooooh. I loves me some purple! I loves me some metallic purple even more! Two coats, friends. Two easy coats.

Michael Kors Rendezvous Nail Swatch Beautygeeks

Michael Kors Rendezvous

Michael Kors Nail Polish Rendezvous (above). And why is this the only one that deserves a second look? Because it has many different shades of micro glitter stuffed into it that make it shimmer. It takes a simple purple metallic and smacks it with depth.

Michael Kors Seduction Nail Polish Swatch Beautygeeks

Michael Kors Seduction

Michael Kors Nail Polish Seduction (above). Shimmery, silvery grey in two coats with no top. Is it remarkable? Nope. Is it good polish? Sure. Is it worth what I paid? You bet. But wait… what did I pay? Let's find out!

my final thoughts on michael kors nail lacquer

Michael Kors Nail Polish Swatches Beautygeeks Composite

Michael Kors Nail Polish Swatches & Review @ Beautygeeks

The bottles are pretty. The packaging is pretty. Yes, you’ll be able to say you’re wearing a Michael Kors polish. But I tell ya what – if these pretties hadn’t been on sale, I wouldn’t have bought them. I do think YSL is worth $27 a bottle. The YSL brush is absolutely spectacular, the pigments, level, finish, and bottles are beautiful and weighty – everything about it screams luxury – inside and out. The Michael Kors though? Yeah, once it’s out of the box and the top is popped off to reveal the painting handle, you’re pretty much holding (and working with) a bottle of Essie. What does Essie retail for? $10.

Michael Kors Nail Polish

Michael Kors Nail Polish

Me? I got all these on BOGO sale at at 2-for-$20 so I came in on target for a mid-range polish. And really, that’s what’s in these bottles. Don’t let the pretty packaging or the name fool you. For $20 I can get two bottles of Essie or OPI. You know where I’m gonna spend my $20 next time, right?

Michael Kors Nail Polish_2

Michael Kors Nail Polish

Erk. Michael Kors nail polish in the shades I swatched are tricky to find online now. For US purchases, visit for the latest. Canadians can shop via like I did!

What are your thoughts, fellow polish junkies? Have you stuck your fingers in a Michael Kors polish? Were underwhelmed? Or satisfied?

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