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The other name for this collection is Mine, All Mine!
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OPI Hello Kitty Collection 2016_2

OPI Hello Kitty Collection 2016

January 12, 2016 update: Here's your handy new link to our Complete ManiGeek Guide to OPI Hello Kitty. See you over there!

Guess what!! Unofficially, there's a new collection in the works and it's OPI Hello Kitty! Unofficially slated for release in early 2016, it's got me squealing like an 11-year old kidlet. How long have the Kitty 'n' me been pals? Almost as long as she's been around. I buy a Hello Kitty calendar every single year. I have a Hello Kitty blush brush. I have a Hello Kitty change purse, compact mirror, stamping plate I never use... yeah, lots and lots of Hello Kitty.

OPI Hello Kitty Collection 2016 Top Beautygeeks

OPI Hello Kitty Collection 2016 

The interwebz is just starting to explode with the news, and images are coming online fast and furious. Do I have any for you? Yep. Bottle shots. It looks like 12 shades + one Special Edition shade. I can't get hands on images of the Special Edition but it looks like it's called OPI Say Hello Kitty. I think it'll come in a set with some Swarovski crystal bows and some glue – or something like that. But I don't know for sure because really, I have no word from OPI.

opi hello kitty 2016 sneak peek slideshow

That's all I got, friends. If more decent images come online and I find 'em, you can be sure I'll share. This collection will be stuffed with sets, trinkets, and cuteness, but as of now, those online images suck.

OPI Hello Kitty Collection 2016 Bottom Beautygeeks

OPI Hello Kitty Collection 2016

And hey! I gotta ask! You as excited as I am for an OPI Hello Kitty collection? You gonna be stalking for more info? 

xoManiGeek (she's still galivanting in Western Canada)