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Or the name and shade of the earliest lipstick purchase you can recall?
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first lipstick you ever bought...Lucile Ball lipstick

Lucille Ball

This week's Lipstick League question takes me back. What's the name and colour of the first lipstick you ever bought, or at least the name of the earliest lipstick purchase you remember?

The first lipstick purchase I distinctly remember was MAC Twig (a soft shade of brownish pink), back in the early 1990s when MAC was still an upstart brand. I likely bought drugstore lipstick before that (probably inexpensive gloss), but I can't recall specifics at all. MAC Twig lipstick and Spice lipliner, though, I'll never, ever forget. Exciting purchases, those, because MAC was so freaking cool and there was no other brand like it at the time. (I'll also always remember the first lipgloss colour I used for bridal clients: MAC Lust, a muted neutral pink that looked good on a range of faces and skintones.)

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Your turn: do you remember the first lipstick you ever bought? If not, what's the eariest lipstick purchase you do remember?