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Wait, what's this? Hah. Nice try OPI, but you can’t fool me.
OPI Halloween 2015_OPI Lets Get Wicked

OPI Halloween 2015 Let's Get Wicked

It’s Halloween time again and I know you’ve been searching high and low for news of OPI Halloween 2015. And yeah! I got your news! Hang on to your witch hat! Or don’t.

OPI Halloween 2015_OPI Lets Get Wicked Back

OPI Halloween 2015 Let's Get Wicked - back of the box

opi let's get wicked

This year’s offering is a mini-set of four shades and it’s called OPI Let’s Get Wicked. As a bonus, it comes with a little roll of shiny silver striping tape so you can make stunning designs on your digits. Exciting, right?

Lemme tell you the shade names and give you the descriptions:

  • OPI I Don’t Bite: treat this wild yellow with caution!
  • OPI A Touch of Vamp: wickedly red, hot to the touch, and gorgeous.
  • OPI Diva-lish: this glamorous fuchsia-pink demands attention.
  • OPI Kitty Loves Black: a purrrfectly matte, midnight black. No top coat.
OPI Halloween 2015 OPI Lets Get Wicked Mini Set with tape

OPI Halloween Mini Set 2015: Let's Get Wicked

All that sounds pretty exciting! I’ll bet you can’t wait for swatches! Well, I’m certainly not one to disappoint…

opi let's get wicked halloween 2015 swatches

OPI I Don't Bite aka OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana

OPI Halloween 2015: OPI I Don't Bite aka OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana - Brazil 2014

OPI I Don't Bite NL A65 (above). Yeah. That. A quick cross-reference of those little numbers on the bottom of the mini bottles will tell you everything you need to know.

OPI A Touch of Vamp aka OPI Race Red

OPI Halloween 2015: OPI A Touch of Vamp aka OPI Race Red - Ford Mustang 2014

OPI A Touch of Vamp NL F68 (above). You tell me if you’re pleased or not. Any real OPI nerd has these shades in their Archives already.

OPI Diva LIsh aka OPI Hey Baby

OPI Halloween 2015: OPI Diva-lish aka OPI Hey Baby - Gwen Stefani 2014

OPI Diva-lish NL G26 (above). This renaming thing has got to stop. You can’t fool me, OPI. Nope, you can’t. If you’re too lazy to give me new shades, then I’m too lazy to re-swatch 'em.

OPI Kitty Loves Black Halloween 2015 aka OPI 4 in the Morning

OPI Halloween 2015: OPI Kitty Loves Black aka OPI 4 in the Morning - Gwen Stefani 2014

OPI Kitty Loves Black NL G29 (above). M hm. They did that.

OPI Halloween 2015 Comparison Swatches

OPI Halloween 2015 Comparison Swatches Beautygeeks

OPI Halloween 2015 Let's Get Wicked Comparison Swatches

Need I say more? Oh, did I mention it comes with striping tape? Wooo hoo.

It’s lucky there are some lovely new OPI things around the corner. I’m just going to pretend this OPI Halloween Let’s Get Wicked mini-set doesn’t exist, and look to the future. In truth, I’ve seen the future and some of it makes me smile really, really big.

Oh yes, and there's a whack of OPI out there for us to enjoy right, right now:

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You can get pretty much most of these things now at Soon, you'll be able to get 'em at too! This really super-special OPI Halloween Let's Get Wicked Mini Set is slated for release in September 2015. Retail $13.95 USD or $17.50 CAD. For more OPI news 'n releases, I encourage you to point your mouse at

See ya'll soon!

Manicures & Photographs Karen Falcon (her life is full of coffee rings & polish – for real).