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made for women, but acceptable for men to use depending on their needs; takes 2 AAA batteries; emits zero sound; makes your hair look nice
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win a Conair The Ultimate Brush

No f****, no static, no problem.

Oh Canada – so many of us are going to have happier mornings. Or evenings. Or whenever you feel like a quick wielding of the newest battery-operated device designed for use if you don't like f**** (which I've always considered a bad word). Or maybe you don't like static – whoa, for sure winter's going to be better with this silent, hand-held helper. And it only needs two AAA batteries.

Conair The Ultimate Brush – or Infiniti-Pro The Ultimate Brush by Conair (I'm sure we'll all call it the Conair Ultimate Brush) – really can put the brakes on f**** and static almost instantly. You flip the ON-switch, brush your hair and seconds later you'll notice a significant reduction in f**** and static. How? More info and video re: Conair's Ultimate Brush here.

Conair: The Ultimate Brush tempers f**** and static

Conair: The Ultimate Brush tempers f**** and static

I'm a little sad that I have no news on whether Conair is releasing the Ultimate Brush in the US, lovelies. I know how many of you there struggle with f****, and I truly believe this is a handy tool that will aid significantly in managing it. Your usual smoothing strategy should become more effective, so you should save frustration time as well as styling time. And you'll feel good. Who doesn't need that? Maybe check in with Conair US on their FB page.

But Canada – seriously. Given our extreme climates, both with their own f**** challenges, if our mornings could improve with a simple flip of a switch and maybe five minutes, bring it.

Conair: The Ultimate Brush can help save you a little f****-management time each morning

Conair: The Ultimate Brush can help save you a little f****-management time each morning

And Beautygeeks is happy to help "bring it" to three beautygeeks who live in Canada. If you're still searching for a way to deal with f**** and static in your hair, you definitely want to enter to win a Conair Ultimate Brush. Did I mention we have three on deck? 

And batteries are included in the box.

Our deadline for giveaway entries is next Friday, midnight. Good luck to you all, lovelies! (US-based friends, although we can't include you in this prizing, we do have giveaway coming up that we can extend to you along with our Canadian-folk – stay tuned!)

conair the ultimate brush giveaway regulations

No purchase is necessary; prizes may not be exactly as shown in the image in this post. Contest void where prohibited by law. To enter the Contest you must be a resident of Canada who has reached the age of majority in his/her province or territory of residence at the time of registration and/or entry. Employees, officers and directors (and immediate family members and members of the same household of such persons, including common law spouses) of Conair, and their respective affiliates, agents, advertising or promotional agencies, suppliers of prizes and the independent contest organization are not eligible to enter the Contest.