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The battery-powered device that beats the F-word – frizz, and static, too – with the flick of a switch. And someone needs to give one to Chris Pratt for his next movie junket, PLEASE!
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There's a new battery-operated device for women – well, I suppose men could use it too, depending on their needs. It takes a couple of AAA batteries, makes no sound, and it totally beats the F-word. And it won't give you after-sex hair. That's right, it won't mess up your mane. Instead, Conair's The Ultimate Brush transforms frizz and static (however it's acquired) into smoother, shinier, before-sex hair. If you're into that sort of thing. (ALERT: Canadian beautygeeks can ENTER TO WIN ONE HERE!)

Conair The Ultimate Brush_anti-frizz and anti-static

The Ultimate Brush by Conair Infiniti Pro

You might think that any brush will give you before-sex hair. Not so if you struggle with the f-word: frizz. This brush is different.

We've been talking about anti-frizz serums and balms in the face of summer humidity. Now we say this: consider Conair's The Ultimate Brush our newest weapon against the daily battle of frizz and, especially come winter, static. Switch the brush on, run it through your hair, and its ionic technology goes to work instantly smoothing the cuticles as the bristles sweep through the length. Sounds like magic, doesn't it?

Maybe it is. Here's a quick (and mysteriously soundless) demo of how Conair's Ultimate Brush worked on Andrea's hair after we rubbed a balloon over its surface to frizz the surface with static.

How does the Conair Ultimate Brush work? Well, kinda like that ionic hairdryer you've been using for years although you aren't sure if the ionic part really works. (You'll know as soon as you try it that this brush is working.) According to Conair, The Ultimate Brush is all about its ionic generator. When the brush is turned on and pulled through the hair, the generator in the centre disperses positively and negatively charged ions to neutralize static and frizz. "It adds moisture to the hair and seals the cuticle to improve smoothness and shine," says Andrea Sampson, hairstylist and training director for Conair.

Conair Infinity Pro The Ultimate Brush_anti-frizz and anti-static

The Ultimate Brush by Conair Infiniti Pro: how it works (diagram courtesy of Conair)

For us, the proof is in how well it works. At the media event, I would have filmed a demo with our Liza Herz using the brush – she documents her frizz frustrations here. But Liza (leeza) blithely used the brush before I looked around for a suitable subject... and dang it, her hair was all smooth and shiny and under control by the time I turned my head. Too late! 

And later that day, I brushed my hair with the Conair Ultimate Brush before tossing it back up into a ponytail. I should have taken before/after photos: my "after" hair looked so much more polished and pretty. It felt signficantly softer and more supple, too.

Wait, check out this Insta-video of glow Magazine beauty editor Mishal Casmi, demonstrating how The Ultimate Brush works for her.

Will the Conair Ultimate Brush and its fancy ionic generator mean an instantly smooth, selfie-ready swath of gleaming hair for everyone? Not quite. Depends on your hair type, of course – you'll get closer to perfect hair if your hair is already closer to perfect. But even if you have lots of frizz, you should still see and feel a difference. As you brush with the ionic technology switched on, your hair should become smoother, easier to handle. I think for many of us who fight frizz (plus unbearable static as the temperature drops), Conair's The Ultimate Brush is an excellent addition to our frizz-fighting squad.

You know who should have one for his next round of junket interviews no matter the movie? Chris Pratt. Because this:

You'll find this Conair The Ultimate Brush ($39.99 CAD) at London Drugs, Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart now. In the UK, The Ultimate Brush launched last year as the Babyliss Ultimate Shine Brush. It's not yet available in any form in the US, but surely that's a matter of time. Plus, Chris Pratt.