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Sneak peek at the upcoming OPI holiday 2015 18-shade nail colour collection!
OPI Starlight Swatches 2015 Holiday

OPI Starlight 2015 Holiday

Word of the OPI Starlight Collection for Holiday 2015 hit the interwebz months ago and right up until this moment, I haven’t had a chance to pull any sort of Starlight Rabbit out of my magical internet hat. But hey! Guess who went on an interwebbing expedition and came back with bottle shots? Guess!

OPI Starlight Swatches Composite Beautygeeks

OPI Starlight Composite - Click Link Below for Swatches!

UPDATE: And now guess who has OPI Starlight Collection swatches, reviews and comparisons (above) ready for you right now? Go on, guess!

opi starlight collection holiday 2015

It's a massive 18 shade collection and you'll notice there's no celebrity component this year. Interesting, huh? I blew the bottles up as large as I could so we could get a sense of what's inside but as we all know, promo shots never, ever do a collection justice. Also, I stuck 'em all in a gallery so you don't have to scroll down the page for hours. I know, thoughtful!

opi starlight shade listing

For those of you not interested in the fancy slideshow, here's your fantastically alphabetical Starlight 2015 Shade Listing, complete with OPI's notes:

  1. By The Light of the Moon: silvery and sparkly... prepare to swoon (glitter)
  2. Center of the You-niverse: endless space black shimmer   
  3. Celess-tial Is More: pink super-glitter with heavenly light (glitter)      
  4. Comet Closer: warm, textured gold (pearl) 
  5. Cosmo with a Twist: subtle sparkle adds depth to this purple (shimmer)
  6. Give Me Space: night-sky blue with room to sparkle (shimmer)    
  7. Guys & Galaxies: this maroon beauty makes my world go 'round      
  8. I Drive a SuperNova: lustrous sterling silver (pearl)    
  9. I'm in the Moon For Love: plum (shimmer)          
  10. Infrared-y to Glow: glam red confetti and glitter (glitter)
  11. Is This Star Taken? iridescent icicles fly in this smooth gold (glitter)    
  12. Let Your Love Shine: shimmery, red splendor! (shimmer)    
  13. Love is in my Cards: warm, romantic red    
  14. No More Mr. Night Sky:assertive, dark, shimmery grey (shimmer)   
  15. Press * for Silver: warm, rosy silver (pearl)    
  16. Ro-man-ce on the Moon: lustrous, rich red (shimmer)    
  17. Super Star Status: sparkling silver and gold (glitter)      
  18. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite: rosy, golden confetti     

And there you have it, friends! All the OPI Starlight things I could dig up. And it really does look like it’s only three reds. Out of 18 shades, only three reds? That's bizarre coming from OPI, am I right? And oh my… so much glitter….

It’s still summer so it’s tough for me to wrap my brain around shades like these when all I want to sport is sea-foam green nail polish. Maybe in a coupla months it’ll appeal more. 

OPI Starlight Collection 2015 Holiday Bottleshots

OPI Starlight 2015 Holiday

You? What are your thoughts? And the slideshow? You like? You hate? You prefer straight up photos? If you don't tell me, I won't know. Tell!

XO Manigeek.