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wearable tech that lets you know when you're in danger of overdosing on UV exposure
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June by Netatmo UV sensor wearable tech

The June by Netatmo UV-sensor bracelet via @glowmag on Instagram

Spotted this double-strap bejeweled June by Netatmo UV sensor bracelet on glow Magazine's Instagram feed today. Something pretty that could maybe remind us to re-apply sunscreen? I needed to know more, stat. So here's what I've discovered.

June by Netatmo UV sensor bracelet

June by Netatmo UV sensor monitoring bracelet

First, if you caught my Amazon Prime Day post earlier, you'll see the June by Netatmo bracelet is available at for just $32.99, down considerably from its original $99. That's quite the discount for an attractive piece of wearable tech designed by a French jeweler who has worked with Harry Winston and LVMH.

The June by Netatmo UV monitoring bracelet was created by Netatmo founder/CEO Fred Potter to measure your UV exposure in real time. Via a free app, the bracelet alerts you throughout the day regarding UV levels, and delivers suggestions on whether to re-up your sunscreen, consider a hat or put on your sunglasses. Click here for a thorough, straight-talk June by Netatmo review by Malarie Gokey at

June by Netatmo UV sensor bracelet

How the June by Netatmo bracelet speaks to you through your phone

Given what Gokey says about the device, which launched in early 2014 I think, the $32.99 USd price seems reasonable. For me, anyway – I just like the idea that a piece of pretty jewelry will alert me when it's time to re-apply sunscreen. This June by Netatmo piece is more complex than that, but I don't need all the World Health Organization UV info that's pre-loaded into the app. I already shun UV exposure, and I don't need advice on what strength of SPF to wear (SPF 60+ forever). I just sometimes need a prod to pay attention to the time in the rare instances I'm in the sun having too much fun to keep an eye on my phone clock.

Here's the marketing video created by Netatmo:

One more issue, and it's major: this availability at $32.99 applies only to the USA. The seller doesn't ship to Canada. The bracelet is available via, but the price starts at a whopping $130 CAD. Um... no.

What do you think about this June by Netatmo wearable tech? Would you wear it? Are you interested in all the UV info? Or would you prefer a simple alert that says reapply your SPF now?

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