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I don't call this blue...
Guerlain Blue Ocean Nail Polish 700 Summer 2015

Guerlain Blue Ocean Nail Polish

Unnnh... Guerlain Blue Ocean 700 for summer 2015 is beeeeautiful. But it ain't blue. Nope, it's aqua. Shimmery greeny-turquoise-aqua and 100% #GimmieThat.

Guerlain Blue Ocean Nail Polish 700 Summer 2015 Swatch by Manigeek

Guerlain Blue Ocean La Lacque Couleur 700 - Summer 2015

Should we talk about the brush? Okay! I think it's the old Dior brush. I call it the paddle-brush and I love it. It's the perfect fit for my nail beds. Those of you with smaller nails might find it tricky to use just because it's so wide. 

Guerlain Blue Ocean Nail Polish swatch Summer 2015_2

Guerlain Blue Ocean 700 - 2 coats

Should we talk about how many coats that is in the above photo? Two. And look at that beautiful shimmer. Unlike Chanel, you really can see it! But it's patchy in two coats so let's do...

Guerlain Blue Ocean Nail Polish Swatch two coats

Guerlain Blue Ocean 700 - 3 coats

Guerlain Blue Ocean really shines when you do three coats with a decent 5 minute interval between the second and third. It's a shade like no other in the whole of my Archives. I'm never giving this bottle up. Ever.

Guerlain Blue Ocean Nail Lacquer 700 Summer 2015 Beautygeeks

Guerlain Blue Ocean 700 Summer 2015

You can get your very own bottle of Guerlain Blue Ocean online from Nordstrom's or Selfridges. You'd best hurry though - she's getting awfully hard to find.

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Manicures & Photographs Karen Falcon (Deadliest Catch - she loves that show!).