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Rimmel Rita Ora Polish Summer 2015

It's new 3-in-1 nail colour technology! Or, is it?
Rimmel Rita Ora Summer 2015 Collection Swatches

Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polish Summer 2015

Man, it’s killing me I couldn’t get my digits into all the Rimmel Rita Ora summer 2015 shades. The three I did get though… ooooooh… aaaaah…. And my press sheet tells me that stuffed into these bottles is a "new 3-in-1 nail colour technology." What does that mean? It's base, colour 'n top all together in one bottle. Wait - doesn't Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure already do that? Uh, yeah. So, new? Nope. But great? Yes!

Rimmel Rita Ora Summer 2015 Swatches

Rimmel Rita Ora Sweet Retreat Nail Polish Swatch

Rimmel Rita Ora Sweet Retreat - summer 2015

Rimmel Sweet Retreat (above). Classic and beautiful in two fabulously easy coats. Don’t press down on the brush. No pressure – just glide the stuff on and smile. And you say I don't need top coat because it's built into the polish? Okay!

Rimmel Rita Ora Nail Polish Glastonberry Swatch

Rimmel Rita Ora Glaston-Berry - summer 2015

Rimmel Glaston-Berry (above). This coral-leaning poppy red shade. This great formula. Amaze. Again, that’s two coats with that built-in top and, while you’ll be tempted to brush this on, don’t. Just lie it down on the nail. Put a little less on your brush for this than you think you'll need. It’s thin but remarkably opaque so you’ll erase all VNL (visible nail lines) in two coats. 

Rimmel Rita Ora Tangerine Tent Summer 2015 Nail Polish

Rimmel Rita Ora Tangerine Tent - summer 2015

Rimmel Tangerine Tent (above). Favourite of the three right here. How can you not smile when you see an orange like this? How? And the trick for this one is to hold your brush as parallel to the nail as you can and gently lie the polish down. This stuff will just flow right off the brush and go where it should. That’s how I did it and lookit how great it turned out!

That’s all I got, friends. But, you might want to know the 3 shades I showed you come from this 8-shade collection that also includes a fabulous lookin’ dusty lilac, a lovely cornflower blue, and a surprisingly eye-catching taupe. (Kinda weird the orange in that shot below looks nothing like the orange it actually is, right? *shrug*). 

Rimmel Rita Ora 8 shade Summer 2015 Collection

The Rimmel London Rita Ora Summer 2015 Collection.

When they come out in August 2015, they'll retail for $3.99CAD at your local Shoppers. For more info and for all the shade details, hit up

You gonna sport any of this in August? I know I will - Tangerine Tent all the way, yo!

Manicures ‘n photographs Karen Falcon (her hair is massive today)