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It’s a summer Frenzy from Formula X – in fuchsia!
Formula X Frenzy & Formula X Fantasy Summer 2015

Formula X Frenzy & Fantasy = happy summer 2015

Greetings fellow polish junkies! Today I’m sporting summer, courtesy of Formula X. I love summer and I love the bright stuff – it always makes me smile. Formula X is one of those brands that always makes me smile extra big. I love them. I love their formulas, I love their drive to innovate, and I love their shades.

formula x fantasy

Formula X Fantasy Summer 2015

Formula X Fantasy - 2 coats no top

Formula X Fantasy (above) is from the Technicolor Silks Collection. She’s so beautiful. You know shades like these are my #GimmeThat shades, right? I mean look at it! Shimmery fuchsia-magenta with a shot of pearly blue iridescence. Gah! Too much awesome!

formula x frenzy

Formula X Frenzy over Formula X Fantasy Summer 2015

Formula X Frenzy over Formula X Fantasy

Formula X Frenzy over Fantasy (above). And then whaaaat? A tone-on-tone glitter combo? Come on! How can you not dig this combo? Like, how? You know you wannit. This Transformer Top Coat will look equally as smashing over navy or white or dark purple or maybe even over a neon orange! Do it because you can.

Good news: the Formula X Technicolor Silks ($16 at and $12.50 at sephora.comare already on shelves, so you can get 'em both right now. But there are only a few left of each shade so you'd better hurry! 

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Manicures & Photographs by Karen Falcon (she's got coffee rings all over her desk)