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First the rant, then the goods, okay?
OPI Coca-Cola 2015 Beautygeeks Image

OPI Icons of Happiness Coca Cola 2015: Centennial Celebration & Visions of Georgia Green

Hallo errrybody! I've been away for a little while, it's true. Truth be told, I think I got some kind of burnt out. I was swatching like a crazy person, comparing polishes like a nutter, and writing like a fiend. I was okay with that. This job is a hard job, but I really dig it. I do my very best to paint nice for you and take an accurate photo so you see exactly what I see – that's fun for me. Then I slap the name of the polish on there so it's easily identifiable, write some stuff, and fire it up on Beautygeeks to share with you. Then people steal my work. That's the part that makes it not so fun.

OPI Visions of Georgia Green

OPI Visions of Georgia Green OPI Coca-Cola 2015 2 coats

OPI Coca-Cola 2015 - OPI Visions of Georgia Green (2 coats)

Before I go any further, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who tags me (Manigeek) or my sis (JanineFalcon) on Instagram or sends us an email when you see our photos floating out there unattached or unlinked to Beautygeeks. We appreciate the time you take to do it and, if we can get our images removed, we always do. Ya'll rock, yo! Ya'll understand what we're up against. Thank you so very much for helping us protect our property.

OPI Coca Cola 2015 Visions of Georgia Green 3 coats

OPI Coca-Cola 2015 - OPI Visions of Georgia Green (3 coats)

I send countless emails to internet sellers, and file countless copyright infringement claims on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook every month in part because of your tips. We thank you for sharing our mission to safeguard our hard work. It's a big deal for both Janine 'n me that you care enough about us to point out a thief. It's really a big deal. I mean that. Ya'll are the bee's knees.

OPI Coca Cola OPI Visions of Georgia Green over Black

OPI Visions of Georgia Green over Revlon Black Magic

But you know what's not a really big deal? This Coca-Cola Icons of Happiness collection. Here's what I have to say about it... Harumph. Two shades and a whack of re-promotes? Come on, OPI, that's no way to show me love. No way at all.

OPI Coca-Cola 2015 OPI Visions of Georgia Green over Black

OPI Visions of Georgia Green over Revlon Black Magic

I've seen this green before. It's not special. Okay, well it's somewhat special when I slap it over black (because it pops a flecky multichrome), but still... been there, done that, got the bottle.

Revlon Wild Nail Polish over Revlon Black Magic

Revlon Wild over Revlon Black Magic

See? How's that for dupe-tastic, huh?

OPI Centennial Celebration

Let's move on to the second bottle of the only two new shades, shall we?

OPI Coca-Cola 2015 OPI Centennial Celebration

OPI Coca-Cola 2015 - OPI Centennial Celebration 2 coats

OPI Centennial Celebration (above) Hahahaaa! How many times you gonna make this streaky silvery thing, OPI? How many times? Maybe another one for Christmas? Yeah, I'd put money on that. Oh. Never mind. I think what I'll do instead is save my money and buy me some of that OPI Venice Collection when it comes out! Yeah! That's what I'll do!

OPI Centennial Celebration Comparison Swatches Beautygeeks

OPI Centennial Celebration Comparison Swatches

Okay, yes, Centennial Celebration is marginally different, but only a true ManiGeek like you or me would even notice the difference. She leans a little teeny bit towards what I'm going to call "champagne-ish-pewtery-silver." Is it similar enough that you don't need it? Well, friend, that's really up to you. Me? I don't need it.

OPI Orange You Stylish!

OPI Orange You Stylish OPI Coca Cola UK Release

OPI Orange You Stylish! UK 2014 release.

Here's what I really wished for in this collection: This is OPI Orange You Stylish! (above). It was released last year in the UK as part of their Coca-Cola Collection. We didn't get it here. I got über-lucky and my I-Will-Find-It-For-You friend Karen picked it up (in the airport of all places!) when she was across the pond earlier this year. For all of us in North America who couldn't get this last year (and still can't get it unless we have really awesome friends) this would have been a perfect addition. That's two smashingly easy coats of a most beautiful orange crème. J'adore.

For more information on entire OPI Coca-Cola 2015 Icons of Happiness Collection (the two new shades are also available in GelColor by the way) head on over to If you're lookin' to see the re-promotes in this collection, pop on over to last year's OPI Coca-Cola post where you'll find the swatches. Icons of Happiness includes:

• Visions of Georgia Green (new)
• Centennial Silver (new)
• You’re So Vain-illa
• Coca-Cola Red
• My Signature is “DC”
• Sorry I’m Fizzy Today
• Get Cherried Away
• A Grape Affair

Nail Lacquers ($9.50 SRP $11.50 CAN) and GelColor by OPI ($14.95 salon, $18.95 CAN salon)

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (please keep on taggin' her when you spot a thief!)