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Happy birthday Canada -- baby, you look great for 148!
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happy canada day japanese maple

Pretty Japanese Maple in downtown Toronto

When I was a kid, I used to watch the national news each evening with my parents. Often I'd turn to them and say, thanks for choosing Canada.

Our young family -- my brother was nearly four, my sister five, and I was seven -- moved to Canada from a small Caribbean island called St. Vincent. I remember being overwhelmed by how big everything was, how much concrete there was, how very solid everything seemed. It didn't take me long to adjust. Very quickly, Canada felt like home. It's like that when you're little, and moving to a new country feels like an adventure.

One of the things I love about Canada is an often-admired trait: it's so diverse. So many different cultures, people, experiences. Maclean's Magazine puts it better than I can. They've assembled a wonderful series of short videos that offer a taste of what it's like to be or experience something Canadian. 

I've embedded a bunch of them here, including what it feels like to skate down the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, which I never accomplished despite living there for five years for university; or stay at Quebec City's Ice Hotel (been there, but not overnight); or to breakdance in Dundas Square (which I'll never do) in downtown Toronto; or to compete against a Canadian Olympian runner (yep, again not on my list); or skydive (one day! seriously!); or zipline (done that, need to do it again and again); and what it feels like to dance like National Ballet of Canada principal dancer Sonia Rodriguez. Oh, and of course, what it feels like to walk on top of the CN Tower -- I've still not been up there. (I do know, however, what it feels like to wait in the lineup at the CN Tower, then give up. *grin*)

Throughout the summer, Maclean's will upload 148 videos in celebration of Canada's 148th birthday. (I spotted a clip in the teaser from backstage at World Mastercard Fashion Week – you can experience that here, too, with Canada's Essie pro Rita Remark). 

Keep up with the series of What it Feels to be Canadian clips here.

Thanks, MacLeans! And thanks again, Mum and Dad, for choosing Canada. xoxo