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What went wrong with the pretty Two Broke Girls co-star's makeup here?
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Beth Behrs 2015 makeup March and June false lashes overload

Beth Behrs, co-star of Two Broke Girls, is 29 years old.

I hope I never meet the makeup artist who did Beth Behrs' makeup for a recent NYC event honouring Sir Ian McKellen. I don't like criticizing other people's work in public, so meeting that person would be uncomfortable. But this is a teachable moment: between March 2015 (above left) and June 2015 (above right), the pretty and young co-star of Two Broke Girls seems to have aged more than 10 years. Her makeup is to blame, obvi. Let's look at some photos as we examine out how this unfortunate fast-forward happened.

Beth Behrs makeup_false lashes overload

Beth Behrs' makeup in June 2015. Earrings, Le Vian.

"I get so sad when makeup is used for evil, not for good," our Liza (LEEZA) Herz told me about this photo of Beth Behr's makeup. "Is that gold shimmer on her cheeks?" Erk. 

Beth Behrs makeup_no false lashes_fresh

Beth Behrs' makeup in March 2015.

Here with breezy, touch-me hair, Beth is fresh and vibrant with a fabulous bold lip. We can already see where the June makeup job took Beth from 29 to 40. Yep, it's those false lashes.

Beth Behrs makeup_false lashes fail

Beth Behrs' makeup oops: gold shimmer on her cheeks, but mostly those half-false lashes.

See? They're not even a full strip of false lashes. But they're the wrong choice, way too dense and artificial looking. And okay, the gold shimmer all over her inner cheeks isn't helping.

Beth Behrs 2015 makeup March and June false lashes overload

Beth Behrs in March 2015 without false lashes, and in June 2015 with dense half-strip false lashes.

In the above-left photo, you can see Beth's skin -- those are faint freckles on her nose. In the above-right photo, Beth appears to be wearing full-coverage foundation. When you have pretty and young skin like Beth's, a full-coverage foundation can add years -- or at least a level of artifice that suggests added years. Not that it's not okay to look like you're 40 -- there's nothing wrong with looking 40, or 50, or 97. But Beth is 29. A little bit of moisturizer in the foundation to make it a touch more sheer would have been more youthful. (The lashes, though, still would have wrecked things.)

more beth behrs makeup photos

Beth Behrs makeup_no false lashes ingenue

Beth Behrs in ingenue makeup! (I heart this.) No false lashes. That said, a few wispy lash clusters would look great with this look.

This ingenue-makeup Beth Behrs wears in this photo is one of my favourite looks in life. The actress is wearing minimal eye makeup – a peachy-gold shimmer and a little mascara – with flushed cheeks and what could be a tinted lip balm.  No false lashes for this youthful makeup. Beth's undone, fresh-washed-look hair is a big part of the overall presentation, too. Makeup-wise, this works for almost all ages, I think. More mature faces could get away with a little more lash-line definition, a bit of soft liner, more mascara. A few false-lash clusters would also work, for any age.

Beth Behrs makeup_false lashes halfsies

Beth Behrs' makeup here includes wispier half-strip false lashes and soft matte lips.

Okay, Beth's curling-iron waves in this image also convey a younger image than a slicked-down ponytail. But those half-strip false lashes she's wearing here work; they're not overly dense, so they don't make her look older. They're flirty! And her no-shine lip colour looks dabbed on... or dabbed off. *wink*

Beth Behrs makeup_flirty half false lashes

Beth Behrs at the 2015 Country Music Awards, in flirty half false lashes and softer brows.

Slightly more sheer foundation, wispier half-lash falsies and softer lashes, plus a pink flushed cheek and berry pink lips. Done.

Beth Behrs makeup_false lashes half strips

Beth Behr at the Critics Choice Television Awards in 2012.

Soft brows (I envy her arches), light foundation, liquid liner, feathery half-lashes and hot pink lips. Win. That this photo is from three years ago makes no difference. (It doesn't when you're younger than 30. *sigh*)

Beth Behrs 2015 makeup March and June false lashes overload

Beth Behrs comparison one more time...

Last look at this year's March and June photos of Beth Behrs. You see my point? Those heavy, "I'm totally fake" false lashes are so wrong. I think the look on the right is figure-skater makeup. Or Real Housewife makeup. Liza's description is better: "I just thought she looked like the much younger, unhappy third wife of a successful orthodontist."

What do you think of Beth Behrs' makeup in these photos? How would you describe the look on the right? Do you ever wear false lashes?