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The prestige brand looks to the experts to get them into the cushion makeup game
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Dior cushion makeup coming; brand partners with Amore Pacific

Dior + AmorePacific = impending French prestige cushion makeup.

Dior wants you to know that when they launch their own cushion makeup line sometime soonish, they didn't just work from inspiration. They went to the source. Dior is getting into the Korean-beauty game via a professional hook-up with industry expert AmorePacific. WWD reports that the two companies signed a deal just a couple of days ago in Seoul.

Dior won't be the first French brand to jump into cushion technology; hello, Lancome Miracle Cushion.  And  if you know your Korean-beauty-craze-in-North-America history, you know the hugely popular Korean cushion technology  began with AmorePacific and their IOPE foundation compact (which I'm dying to try).

Aside: I know I said oily skin won't love the Lancome Miracle Cushion texture in hot weather, but my oily, dehydrated complexion still prefers it over pretty much everything else. I have some excellent liquid foundations in my kit, but this Miracle Cushion finish is unlike anything else I've tried, and for me it's the most forgiving when my skin's dehydrated and crying out for a good exfoliation. My other foundations tend to make flaky patches look even worse. Although still best on smooth, hydrated skin like any makeup is, Lancome Miracle Cushion's dewy fluid makes my dehydrated flaky zones look slightly better -- or at least doesn't make them look obnoxiously worse. So far that's worth a few extra dabs of MAC pressed Blot Powder on my forehead, on and beside my nose, and on my chin throughout the day. We'll see how it goes when hot, humid weather really takes hold.

Anyway, back to Dior and Amore Pacific. Nope, haven't a clue when Dior's cushion makeup will debut. But as our friend @mascaramommy points out on Instagram, they better move fast because the Korean-beauty scene is intense.

Have you tried any cushion compacts yet? Does Dior's boasting of their strategic contract with AmorePacific make you more interested in a Dior cushion makeup line than you might otherwise be?