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matte holo stonewashed wha??

OPI Designer Series 2015 sneak peek, anyone?

OPI DS 2015 Beautygeeks Bottleshots Designer Series

OPI DS Imperial & OPI DS Charcoal - coming fall 2015

We can talk about these two new OPI DS Shades for 2015 or we can just look at the pictures I found when I fell into the interweb. I don't have much but I have this. If I squint at my screen a lot, I can almost make myself believe these look just a little bit holo-tastical. 

OPI Designer Series Imperial 2015 Box Shot

OPI DS Imperial 2015

But if I read the boxes, they say "matte". They also say "stonewashed". Hmmm... what does that even mean? My brains are scrambled. I'm thinking matte texture? Or matte holo? Matte holo would be dumb 'cause you need the sun to pop a holo and the sun isn't going to pop a holo on a matte. So what the heck is it?

OPI Designer Series 2015 Charcoal Box Shot

OPI Designer Series Charcoal 2015

Apparently, it's this: OPI invites you to explore the striking contrast of bold color with the soft touch of your favorite pair of vintage jeans to create a street-chic look that is very of-the-moment. The subtle sheen of the matte finish adds a dimension of depth to these two new additions to Designer Series – a rich plum and an asphalt with a mysterious touch of jade and violet. Break away from conventional color and slip into the gorgeous, stonewashed shades of Designer Series by OPI.

Yeah... I still don't have a decent mental image. So, October... that's how long we have to wait. Ugh.

OPI DS Designer Series 2015 Display Stand Beautygeeks

OPI Designer Series 2015 Display

In the meantime, how about we all sit here together, squint at our screens, rotate our devices this way 'n that, and try to guess what's going on in these bottles. You know what I've come up with, but what do you think we're lookin' at?

I'll keep ya'll posted if I uncover anything further. I promise. For more information on all the current releases, visit or pick a lazy link that'll take you to our swatches, reviews, and comparisons of:
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If you wanna buy OPI stuff, is a great place in the U.S.
In Canada, my trusty favourite is where for June 2015 they've got a buy 4/save 25% promo running. 

Later, gator!