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the 65-year-old reality star reveals herself via an Annie Leibovitz cover shoot
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Caitlyn -- formerly Bruce -- Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner is a sexy 65-year-old on the cover of the July 2015 issue of Vanity Fair

Christie Brinkley isn't the only 60+ hottie in the news. Meet Caitlyn Jenner, spotlighted in a sleek, cream satin corset on the July 2015 cover of Vanity Fair in a shoot lensed by Annie Leibovitz. Formerly known as Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, and infamous as step-parent to the Kardashian sisters as well as parent to Brody Jenner, Kendell and Kylie, Caitlyn Jenner has arrived. Fun fact: her sexy corset is from a West Hollywood shop called Trashy Lingerie.

“If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life. You never dealt with yourself,’ and I don’t want that to happen.” -- Caitlyn Jenner in Vanity Fair, July 2015

Favourite fun fact: Caitlyn still accidentally introduces herself as Bruce, as she reveals with amusement in the Vanity Fair sneak-peek excerpt. 

Bruce Jenner before Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce Jenner, the Olympic Athlete in '70s splendour

Here's a quick before (above)...

Caitlyn Jenner_formerly Bruce Jenner_Vanity Fair cover

... and another after (above), plus my favourite quote in reference to the E! Network Caitlyn Jenner "docu-series" premiering this summer:

For her part, Caitlyn is prepared for the criticism that it’s a publicity stunt: “‘Oh, she’s doing a stupid reality show. She’s doing it for the money. She’s doing this, she’s doing that.’ I’m not doing it for money. I’m doing it to help my soul and help other people. If I can make a dollar, I certainly am not stupid. [I have] house payments and all that kind of stuff. I will never make an excuse for something like that. Yeah, this is a business. You don’t go out and change your gender for a television show. O.K., it ain’t happening. I don’t care who you are.”

Visit for the rest of the teaser article plus a behind-the-scenes video from Caitlyn's shoot with Annie Leibovitz.

More links: TMZ... aw heck, just google.

What are you thoughts on all this? Amazed at Bruce's transformation into Caitlyn? Awed by Caitlyn Jenner's courage? Or kinda over the story?