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I should have known better...
The Face Shop Nail Polishes

TheFaceShop Nail Polish Display @ The Eaton Centre

If you knew how many bottles of nail polish are sitting here on my desk (and under it) waiting for my attention, you'd probably freak out. Why am I telling you that? Uh, because I was at the Eaton Centre today and I walked past THEFACESHOP. I should have turned my head the other way...

TheFaceShop Trendy Nails GLI011 Glitter Nail Polish

TheFaceShop Trendy Nails GLI011 over OPI Angel with a Leadfoot

I only bought two things. That's right. Just two. They were $4 each and they're summer in a bottle. I slapped 'em over OPI Angel with a Leadfoot (because that's my favourite white). I used 2 coats of OPI followed by 2 coats of THEFACESHOP glitters. So fun.

TheFaceShop Trendy Nails glitter Nail Polish GLI010

TheFaceShop Trendy Nails GLI010 over OPI Angel with a Leadfoot

You would have stopped too, right? You'da probably bought more than two, right? Yeah, not me 'cause I totally have that thing called self-restraint. Hahahaaa! Not.

Shopping, manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (like she neeeeeds any more polish).