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definitions vary, but more important is what this technique can do for your eyes
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tightlining_pencil liners work for me

Tightlining: I prefer budge-proof pencils, but waterproof liquid or gel liner works too. So does waterproof mascara and a small brush.

The Lipstick League wants to know what you think about tightlining. Are you a fan? And if so, is it essential or just for special occasions?

tightlining: what it is and why you should do it

tightlining: this is what it looks like

Tightlining: getting liner at the base of the lashes without smudging on the lid or on the inner upper rim. Precise pencil point or liquid/gel liner brush required. Some might say I haven't quite got my tightlining right in this shot (left), but you get the idea?

Some makeup artists will tell you that tightlining is getting liner right into the base of the lashes on the upper lid without getting it on the lid or on the inner rim (above left). Other makeup artists will tell you that tightlining is running a thin line of eyeliner along the base of the lashes without smudging it on the lid -- they don't mind getting it on the inner upper rim.

Tightlining plus mascara

Tightlining + mascara on the left; just mascara on the right.

Whatever the "correct" definition is, tightlining is a brilliant little technique that adds extra eye definition. See what's happening in the above photo? I've tightlined (close enough) only the eye on your left; it makes my lashes look thicker. On the right, my lashes, although more plentiful on that eye – wtf? –look kinda like they're... floating. And guess what? The older we get, the more sparse our eyelashes are gonna to look, even if you're lash-lucky now. Tightlining is a great trick to master right now for when that happens.

tightlining and lining upper lashlines

Tightlining + lining the inner upper rim. And Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof liner in Moray on the lid.

I prefer tightlining and lining my upper inner rim. I've complained before that I find that strip of bare flesh sandwiched between the lashes and the eye really distracting (remember my Michelle Yeoh post?). If you've got thick eyelashes, it's probably not an issue. But if nature stuck you with bitsy sparse lashes like mine – ugh.

So my answer to this week's Lipstick League question is this: I tightline (and line the inner upper eyelid rim) pretty much every time I wear makeup. For me, it's essential. (Eye-makeup details are at the end of the post in a shoppity-shop.)

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So, back to tightlining. What's your take? Yes? No? Maybe? For special occasions?

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