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clothing retailer to debut massive range of makeup, nail polish and more
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H&M Beauty makeup collection

New H&M Beauty collection to launch in Fall 2015

H&M is getting all fancy-face with an extensive H&M Beauty collection launching globally this Fall. The range of 700 items will include colour cosmetics, haircare, nail polish and tools, all in upscale packaging. The products will replace all the tchotchke-type glosses and so on that usually hang out in bins near the cash. This brand new lineup will have its own section in each of the 900 H&M stores around the world set to carry it.

H&M Beauty nail polish

The H&M Beauty collection will include haircare, bodycare, and nail colour, natch.

Along with its inital core products, the H&M Beauty collection will include seasonal limited-edition launches. As well, it'll be divided into two categories: a premium range and an array aligned with their Conscious line, made up of sustainable products approved by Eco-cert.

H&M Beauty pricing will range from $6.99 to $24.99.

You have thoughts, right?? (Am I the only one who thinks the packaging looks like a cross between Marc Jacobs Beauty and Tom Ford?)