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Gettin’ hitched? Sally has your nails covered!
Sally Hansen Bridal Shades Spring 2015-2

Sally Hansen Bridal Shades Collection for Spring 2015

If you go walking down the aisle (yes, the polish aisle of your local polish shop), you might spot this new, limited-edition, four-shade collection of Sally Hansen bridal-inspired polishes. Or you could just look right here!

Sally Hansen Bridal Shade Swatches 2015

Sally Hansen Bridal At the Altar Bridal Limited Edition Spring 2015

Sally Hansen At The Altar

Sally Hansen At The Altar (above). That’s two coats of this lovely über-pale whitened pink. The brush and the formula – like, wow. There was a time I fell very out of love with the Complete Salon Manicure brush, but since then, I think maybe they’ve stepped up their quality control. This brush is perfection. I think the polish might be too.

Sally Hansen Bridal Aisle Be Yours over At The Altar Limited Edition Spring 2015

Sally Hansen Aisle Be Yours (1 coat) over At the Altar (2 coats)

Sally Hansen Aisle Be Yours, 1 coat over 2 coats of At the Altar (above). That looks textured, right? Well that’s because it is. Kinda like a textured frost that reminds me of Liquid Sand. It’s a little more sheer than that so I figured I’d slap it over At the Altar and get that little hint of pink.

Sally Hansen Bridal Aisle Be Yours over At the Altar Complete Salon Manicure Spring 2015

Sally Hansen Aisle Be Yours over At the Altar

Sally Hansen Aisle Be Yours over At the Altar (above). If I shoot it from this angle, you can sort of see the texture better, right? You may or may not want to top coat. I didn’t but then again, I don’t generally topcoat my textures.

Sally Hansen Bridal Perfect Pair Complete Salon Manicure Bridal 2015

Sally Hansen Perfect Pair - 2 coats

Sally Hansen Perfect Pair (above). That’s two incredibly easy coats of pretty sheer pink with a bright flash of gold flecks. I could have done three or four coats but I like the simple sparkle that pops out of the sheer. Pretty.

Sally Hansen Perfect Pair

Sally Hansen Bridal Bling - 2 coats

Sally Hansen Bridal Bling (above). Hmmm. Kind of a silver-gold-platinum glitter top coat, right? I don’t know that it’s really meant to be worn alone but maybe it is. Would I? Nope. Would I put it over pink? Nope. I’d put it over this…

Sally Hansen Dark Huemoor Complete Salon Manicure 577 Beautygeeks

Sally Hansen Dark Huemoor - 2 coats

Sally Hansen Dark Huemoor (above). I know it’s not particularly bridal but hey, I layer stuff over darks – I can't help it!

Sally Hansen Bridal Bling over Dark Huemoor Complete Salon Manicure

Sally Hansen Bridal Bling (1 coat) over Dark Huemoor (2 coats)

Sally Hansen Bridal Bling, 1 coat over Dark Huemoor (above). How’s that for awesomesauce, huh? I’ll bet you didn’t think Bridal Bling could be so not bridal. How ‘bout that!

And that’s it. A sweet little collection of four bridal shades for your special day or maybe just for spring. They’re easy to get your hands on and there’s enough in one of these bottles to cover your whole bridal party. The brush is good, the formulas are good and if you’re looking at DIY nails for your wedding, these shades right here gotcha covered. You don’t even need base or top coat. It’s a Complete Salon Manicure in a bottle. 

Sally Hansen Bridal 2015 Comparison Swatches

Sally Hansen At The Altar Comparison Swatch vs Essie Urban Jungle

Sally Hansen At the Altar vs Essie Urban Jungle Comparison Swatch - by reader request

Availability: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure ($8.95) is available at mass and drug retailers across Canada for a limited time as of now. For more information on all things Sally H, head on over to Oh! Dunno if will carry these shades (on account of the fact I'm in Canada) but as of right now (Wednesday April 29, 2015), they're having a BOGO 50% off sale on select Sally Hansen things.

Manicures and photographs Karen Falcon (more coffee, please!)