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makeup pro Carly Wolk shows us how to cover that zit with a kiss and a hug
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Carly Wolk shows us how to hide a pimple perfectly

Meet Carly Wolk. In the video below, she shows us how to hide a pimple perfectly.

A "kiss and a hug" as a technique to hide a pimple perfectly might stretch the concept of being kind to skin, but bear with us. In the quick video below, Carly Wolk, national makeup artist for Estee Lauder (maybe you've seen her on Cityline?), shows us exactly how giving a pesky zit a just little bit of love helps conceal it too.

how to hide a pimple (with a kiss and a hug)

how to hide a pimple perfectly: the recap

Full disclosure: Our lovely model Gillian has pretty flawless skin, so Carly demonstrated her zit-concealing trick on a little beauty mark instead. But she treated the spot like a pimple, which, as most of us know, can sometimes be a challenge if we've accidentally over-dried the area, or broken the skin.

1) After you've already completed your foundation application, lightly dab the tip of your clean concealer brush into your favourite skincare serum, such as Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex II ($72 at and $62 at, and touch it lightly to the blemish you're trying to hide. The serum will give the spot a little bit of extra moisture, which helps calm stressed areas of skin as well as soften any dryness.

2) If you're using a wand concealer, such as Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Flawless Wear Concealer ($28 at and $24 at, you can use the applicator to draw a delicate X over the pimple, followed by a circle around that X, like the X-Men logo -- or our favourite letter symbol for a kiss surrounded by the symbol for hug. With a clean fingertip, gently tap the concealer into the skin.

how to hide a pimple perfectly_products

Here's what makeup artist Carly Wolk used in our How to Hide a Pimple Perfectly video tutorial

3) If necessary, add a bit more concealer in the X formation -- Carly used the same wand concealer with an Estee Lauder Concealer Brush 5 ($28 at and $25 at -- and repeat the light tapping motion with your fingertip to blend.

4) To set and further camouflage the pimple, Carly used the Estee Lauder Powder Foundation Brush 3 ($48 at and $46 at to dab a light layer of Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Powder Makeup ($44 at and $40 at over the gently blended concealer. "The Double Wear Powder gives a lot of coverage," says Carly.

Ya know, you can snag some one-on-one coaching on how to hide a pimple perfectly. It's a simple as booking a visit with a Lauder makeup artist at your neighbourhood department store. This kiss-and-hug technique is offered as one of Estee Lauder's complimentary 3-Minute Beauty services.

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What do you think of this blemish-concealing trick? Do you have a no-fail cover-up technique of your own?

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