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iWant all the Colour Prevails polish things.
Colour Prevails Nail Polish Swatches Beautygeeks Composite

Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer Swatch Composite

We here at Beautygeeks are having a love affair with Nonie Creme. I’ve been a fan since her days as Founding Creative Director of Butter London, and sister has too. (Then there's this bestest-ever speech Nonie Creme gave to the graduating students at her college -- every grad should watch it!) 

Now Nonie has moved way past Butter London with Colour Prevails. Now we’re in the age of… Play-Doh. Yes, Play-Doh. You'll see.

Nonie Creme Colour Prevails via Facebook

Nonie Creme - Creator: Colour Prevails (image via facebook)

Colour Prevails is a makeup and nail polish brand. Obviously I hadda focus, summon my cheese, and do what I do: play in polish. And from start to finish, I loved the five shades I got my fingers into. I have my 10 reasons.

colour prevails polish review

Colour Prevails Nail Polish Swatches Bottle Shot Beautygeeks

Colour Prevails 100% shrink-wrapped bottle

Let’s start here with this bottle of Colour Prevails All Nighter (above). It’s 100% shrink-wrapped. You know what this means? This means that nobody is messing with this bottle before I get it home. Nobody is taking off their shoes and socks, planting their ass in the drugstore nail polish aisle, slapping polish all over the neck of the bottle, and polishing their stinky toes with my bottle of polish. Nobody is opening it and getting in here but me. Tell me you don’t think that’s a reason to love Nonie and Colour Prevails polish. Reason #1.

Colour Prevails Nail Polish Swatches and Review_Bottles

Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer

Moving on, let’s have a look at the bottles, shall we? The shape: small and round with one nice flat side for wedging the bottle in between your thumb and index finger when you polish. I’m not a wedger. My bottle sits away from me when I polish. What I am is a tilter. A flat surface on the bottle makes the tilting nice and easy – no fumbling here! That’s reason #2 to fall hard for Colour Prevails polish.

Colour Prevails Nail Polish Handle Prototype

The Play-Doh Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer Handle Prototype (via Instagram)

And the handle (above). This handle will divide polish fans everywhere – right up until the time they realize the butterfly handle pops off to reveal a perfect round grippy knob thingy (I know… I’m so technical). The butterfly handle feels organic when you hold it; it’s like holding a pen. Natural and easy. Any novice painter or anyone with small nail beds will find this ergonomic handle a treat. It works like a charm on all my smaller nails. For realz.

Colour Prevails pop-top handles

Colour Prevails Nail Polish Pop-Top Handles

But, I took the butterfly off. My thumb nail has lots of surface area and requires a good-sized blob of polish that I have learned to distribute perfectly on both sides of any brush to give myself perfect coverage without having to double-dip. I don’t like to double dip. I like to flip – the butterfly is a wee bit cumbersome to flip. But hey, I don’t have to flip! I just take the handle off because Nonie built it so that I could if it works better for me that way. That understanding that we all have our comfort zones is another reason to love Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer. If I’m counting (and I am), that’s reason #3.

Colour Prevails Polish Swatches

Colour Prevails All Nighter Nail Lacquer by Nonie Creme

Colour Prevails All Nighter

These shades are reasons #4 through #9 to love Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer.

Colour Prevails Mr Big Nail Lacquer by Nonie Creme

Colour Prevails Mr Big

Each shade is two coats to a brilliant level, exquisitely clean lines, and a flawless finish.

Colour Prevails Mr Big Mattified Nail Lacquer by Nonie Creme

Colour Prevails Mr Big – Mattified

The polish applies like a dream. The formula on the shades I’ve tried so far is perfectly matched to the brush. How important is that? Like, wicked important. It’s all about how you get the stuff off the brush and onto the nail. If it’s the right consistency of polish + the right flexibility of brush, we’re talkin’ magic. The stuff goes exactly where I want it to. Hello reason #10.

Colour Prevails Frockstar over Mr Big Nail Lacquer by Nonie Creme

Colour Prevails Frockstar over Mr Big

What else can I tell you, yo? Oh, it's 5-Free in the US and 4-Free in Canada (toluene is banned here, so Health Canada doesn't give you points for not using it). It’s good polish at a great price. The bottles are almost the same size as Butter London, .32 fl oz vs .4 fl oz, and are $8 each vs Butter London's $15. And although it's sold in drugstores, do not dismiss it as "just drugstore." These few shades are on par with OPI and Essie for me. Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer is a well-thought out, quality product and I dig it. 

There is one thing I don’t like so far though and that’s the fact that Nonie Creme’s Color Prevails is not yet available in Canada. It’s awfully hard for me to get my hands on, so I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that by 2016, it’ll be here at my local Shoppers Drug Mart store. Hey, Shoppers! Can ya hear me?

Colour Prevails Glamazon Nail Lacquer by Nonie Creme

Colour Prevails Glamazon

For now though, you can only get Colour Prevails in the States. Or you can get you a mule, have him/her buy it for you and then reward him/her generously for shipping it across the border into Canada. I have a mule so I’m gonna try and get me some more shades. I think I should build a Colour Prevails Archive!

Colour Prevails Cocky Nail Lacquer by Nonie Creme

Colour Prevails Cocky

Oh! Oh! And wait! Before you go, please enjoy the photo below (that I lifted off Leeanne Colley’s Instagram). It’s Leeanne (left) and Naomi Misu (right) from Tips Nail Bar & Salon in Toronto – they’re totally making a Nonie-in-the-middle Sammich in New York at Fashion Week.

Nonie Creme Sammich with Leeanne Colley

Leeanne, Nonie and Naiomi in NYC via Instagram

Why am I slapping this photo here? Well that’s because right this very second, Leeanne has the five shades of Colour Prevails polish I just showed you and she’s gonna do a whole bunch of nail art with 'em! We’re gonna show you all the fun things you can do with Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer. That’s gonna be Nonie Creme’s Colour Prevails: Part 2, so keep your eyes peeled. We're also hoping there'll be a Part 3 when sister gets her hands on some of the make-up stuffs. 

For more information on all things Colour Prevails, visit and follow the Colour Prevails Instagram. If you're in the US, you can go shopping online at or 

You tried Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer yet?

Manicures and photographs Karen Falcon (One day I’ll make a Nonie Sammich – one day…)