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Dear TheFaceShop, I think I love you.
TheFaceShop Expert Nails Real Diamond Swatches

TheFaceShop Expert Nails

Remember that time I told you about a lovely new buzz TheFaceShop (aka The Face Shop) was creating here in Toronto? They have a packed little store down at The Eaton Centre and if you’re local and haven’t had a chance to pop in, you might wanna think about it. Why? Well, because they have polish. Lots and lots of polish!!

TheFaceShop Expert Nails Swatches & Review

Okay. I’m sold. 100% sold. I now want ALL the colors. This stuff is great. Let’s look!

TheFaceShop Expert Nails Real Diamond Insert

TheFaceShop nail polish instructions! Who doesn't love instructions?

I was only able to get my fingers in four shades but all four are simply smashing. They’re made in France. You know, like some of the best polish is. It's really nicely packaged too. And look at all those languages. Did I mention TheFaceShop originates in Korea? It does. It's owned by LG -- yes, the South Korean company that makes cel phones and appliances and things like that -- and LG also owns Fruits & Passion, which was a Canadian brand. Anyway, TheFaceShop started opening stores in malls across Canada about a year ago.

TheFaceShop Expert Nails 04 Ivoire Diamante Brush Bottle The Face Shop

TheFaceShop 04 Ivoire Diamante Bottle, Pop-off Cap, and Brush.

I love a pop-off cap. I also love this brush and polish combination. It puts stuff exactly where I want it. Nothing makes me happier than effortless painting.

TheFaceShop Expert Nails 04 Ivoire Diamante Swatch

TheFaceShop Expert Nails 04 Ivoire Dimante

TheFaceShop Expert Nails line also contains diamond powders – you know, like OPI DS used to. 

TheFaceShop Expert Nails 01 Diablossom Swatch

TheFaceShop Expert Nails 01 Diablossom

It also dries nice and hard with a beautiful shine. But you want the best part? It applies like a dream. Everything you see here is two incredibly easy coats with no top coat.

TheFaceShop Expert Nails 06 Diarose Swatch

TheFaceShop Expert Nails 06 Diarose

I must have more. I must.

TheFaceShop Expert Nails 08 Diamint Swatch

TheFaceShop Expert Nails 08 Diamint

A couple weeks ago, TheFaceShop held an event. I ran into this really pretty lady there... 

TheFaceShop Expert Nails Leeanne Colley Beautygeeks

Leeanne Colley @ TheFaceShop event in Toronto

That's Leeanne Colley above (owner of Tips Nail Bar & Salon in Toronto) and I'm lucky to call her friend. She's an artist of the nail type and holy crap she's good. She just is. 

At said event, I was lucky enough to score a sweet, Leeanne Colley signature manicure using TheFaceShop Expert Nails 08. Negative space, baby - it's all the rage!

TheFaceShop Expert Nails Manicure by Leeanne Colley

I got signed by Leeanne Colley! Squeeee!

Leeanne likes TheFaceShop polishes too. I  mean, how could she not. They've got three lines and a whack of shades. Keep your eyes peeled too 'cause I still have to work my way through the Trendy Shades. Here's a lazy-link for the Gel Touch Nails swatch & review post.

For more information on TheFaceShop, I encourage you to visit and see all the awesomesauce stuff they’ve got. While there’s no polish on the website (yet), I’ve been told it’s coming! There are 10+ shades in the Expert Nails line and they retail for $9 CAD. You gonna find TheFaceShop store near you?

Manicures and photographs Karen Falcon (Seriously, Mum, I ate ketchup potato chips for breakfast).