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It's all the OPI Venice info I could find...
OPI Venice 2015 Sneak Peek Beautygeeks

OPI Venice - image via opi_professional_italia

Hey! Guess what! You don't even need to read this post because the ManiGeek OPI Venice 2015 Swatch, Review, and Comparison post is now LIVE right in that lazy link! Click on thru, fellow polish junkies!

Or, you can stay here and read this and then come on over to see the swatches...  
Late last month, word on OPI Venice 2015 hit the streets. Featured at Cosmoprof 2015, images flooded Instagram accounts all over the place. My first look was that one above from opi_professional_italia. Then, because that's what I do, I went scrounging around the internet for more. We all need more.

What did I find? Well, there’s this smashing blog post from PeeBeforePolish with the best bottle shots of OPI Venice that I’ve seen thus far (she’s got pretty great shots of a whack of other upcoming collections too).

OPI Venice 2015 Collection Display Beautygeeks

OPI Venice Collection Fall/Winter 2015

Oooh! And I found out there are actually 15 shades. That’s right, 15 (but only 12 in the display stands). Three* of ‘em will be special limited edition shades but I don’t know how they’ll be sold and I don’t know for how long they’ll be available. Regardless, that’s a lotta bottles!

And now, for your enjoyment, I made you a cute little thing of OPI Venice swatches – they’re tiny blobs but hey, they’re better than nuthin’!

OPI Venice 2015 Swatches Beautygeeks

OPI Venice 2015 Swatch Blobs ©

For your further enjoyment, I made you this composite image of bottle shots I picked up from around and about.

OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 Beautygeeks Bottles

OPI Venice Collection F/W 2015 ©

OPI Venice Collection 2015

  • A Great Opera-tunity
  • It's a Piazza Cake
  • Worth Every Penne
  • Tiramisu for Two
  • Amore at the Grand Canal
  • Gimmie A Lido Kiss
  • Be There in a Prosecco
  • I Cannoli Wear OPI
  • Gelato On My Mind
  • Purple Palazzo Pants
  • O Suzi Mio
  • My Gondola or Yours?
  • Venice the Party?*
  • Baroque But Still Shopping*
  • St. Marks the Spot*

Lastly, from what I can squeeze out of the interwebz, the OPI Venice Collection is set to release August 5, 2015. And again, I have no confirmation on any of this so if I end up being right, yay, me! If I end up being wrong.. oops!

For further information on all things OPI, point your mouse at

*Swatch blob and bottle shot composite images may be used with an ask and a simple link-back with credit. We'd do it for you, so please do it for us.