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Sky, Scam, Coconut, Claws Up! and Mint are back.
Hard Candy Nail Polish Sky Mint Tangerini Scam 20th Anniversary Polish

Iconic Hard Candy polish shades

Hard Candy Sky is celebrating 20 years. Why is this a big deal? Well it’s because 20 years ago, Sky was the polish that many nail-polish-aholics saved their nickels and dimes for. Was I one of those people? Nope. But, I sure did know what it was and at some point, a bottle of it went through my hands. I’ll never forgive myself for letting it go. Okay, that’s a lie – I’ve forgiven myself. Why? Because Sky is very nearly back. As of May 23rd in Canada. (Is it already out in the US?)

In Canada, starting May 23rd, Hard Candy Sky, Mint, Scam, Claws Up!, and Coconut will all available in limited release. They’ve even got the collectible rings around the bottle!

Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Swatches

Hard Candy Mint 20th Anniversary Nail Polish 2015

Hard Candy Mint - 20th Anniversary Collection 2015

Hard Candy Mint (above). Wow. Memories. Formula-wise, it’s an old-school kind of formula. Chalky and thick but with incredibly great level. The first coat was not pretty; it was simply to get the lines around the cuticle all nice and tidy. The second coat was a bit of a blobber to get it all evened out. And it works – spectacularly well. The finish is almost matte but not quite and there’s a shimmer in there that for me, was pretty much invisible on the nail. If there was a term to describe the finish, it’d be eggshell. And lovely.

Hard Candy Sky 20th Anniversary Nail Polish

Hard Candy Sky - 20th Anniversary Collection 2015

Hard Candy Sky (above). Ta da! Still as awesomesauce today as it was 20 whole years ago. The formula feels like acrylic craft paint but I don’t care – somehow the stuff still manages to go on well and level beautifully. I expected to have to fight with it, but I didn’t. At all. Again it’s that eggshell finish that’s almost matte but not (no top coat in that shot). And there’s shimmer but you can only really see it in direct bright light. Appealing and simple and full of memories. Sky. Yes.

Hard Candy Sky 20th Anniversary 2015

Hard Candy Sky - 20th Anniversary Collection 2015

Hard Candy Sky (above). With the addition of top coat and a shift in sun, that hidden shimmer reflects a whole different colour and you get that pale blue Sky without any trace of yellow. Weird, right? And, you still can't see the shimmer. Like magic!

Hard Candy Scam 20th Anniversary Nail Polish 2015

Hard Candy Scam - 20th Anniversary Collection 2015

Hard Candy Scam (above). I’m not going to lie. I’ve never heard of Hard Candy Scam and I don’t even know how that’s possible. Had I been introduced to this 20 years ago, I’d have kept it forever. The formula on this is a complete departure from Sky and Mint. This goes on like regular “today” polish and with every successive coat, you get more depth and richness of color. My heart fairly stopped when I slapped this stuff on. This one is going into The Archives forever.

Hard Candy Tangerini 20th Anniversary Nail Polish 2015

Hard Candy Tangerini - 20th Anniversary Collection (new shade) 2015

Hard Candy Tangerini (above). No, it’s not an iconic shade, but a new one. There will be three new shades along with the Anniversary collection and if they’re all like this, I’ma go get 'em all. That’s two stupendously easy coats for a perfectly opaque, shiny finish.

Wait! I think I might have one more Hard Candy shade kickin’ around in The Archives…

Hard Candy Sweet P over Black Beautygeeks

Hard Candy Sweet P (2009) over Revlon Black Magic (1 coat over 1 coat)

Hard Candy Sweet P over black (above). She’s from the 2009 Hard Candy re-launch at Walmart. See? I really do archive stuff.

I’m diggin’ the Hard Candy. A lot. I’m diggin’ it so much I’m going to get me all the rest of the limited edition release shades. I mean, why wouldn’t I? For $3.98 a pop, I can have the entire Hard Candy 20th Anniversary polish collection for $32.00. My press release says it’ll be available exclusively at Walmart and so I’m heading to the online place first thing May 23rd. (I want it to be right now!)

Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Polish Collection 2015

Clockwise starting with Sky (top middle), Mint, Coconut, Claws Up!, Zombie, Scam, Tangerini, and Girlie.

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Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Collection

Hard Candy Anniversary Collection 2015

Do I also need to mention Hard Candy has Anniversary makeup things too - not just polish? 

And lastly, I just did a whack of Hard Candy Spring 2015 Swatches. You saw those, right? It’s all so fun. You gonna get some? You got Hard Candy Sky memories? Mint memories? Penny-saving memories?

Manicures and photographs Karen Falcon (pizza for dinner!)