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the big names are scrappin' it out!
Essie Silk Watercolor Beautygeeks

Essie Silk Watercolor 2015 - salon professional 

Essie Silk Watercolor is the latest polish-layering deal to hit my polish-sensitive radar.

I've sourced some Essie Silk Watercolor news for you from - they've got bottle shots along with some very pretty art swatches that I only dream of being able to create. There's also a touch of info here at What does it all look like to me?

Watercolour nails_Leeanne Colley_Tips Nail Bar_for Lucian Matis 2012

Watercolour nails by Leeanne Colley for designer Lucian Matis, 2012

It looks like a nice easy way to achieve this watercolour nail technique our friend Leeanne Colley did years ago for a Lucian Matis show in 2012.

Then there's this:

Formula X Infinite Ombre Beautygeeks

Formula X Infinite Ombre - summer 2015

What is it? Well it's the Formula X Infinite Ombre that's also launching this summer. My press release says " Discover ombre made easy with this breakthrough first-to-market ombre nail design set. Simply layer colours over a dried platinum anchor base and watch your mani morph instantly into any effect you choose: Electric Ombre, Split Ombre, Stained Glass Ombre – the options are infinite! Each coloured lacquer is revolutionized to fuse with one another while wet, so you can blend, stripe, dot, and marble your way to never-before-seen nail art with a simple stroke of the brush."

Yep, that sounds a whole lot like those OPI Color Paints, huh? 

OPI ColorPaints Beautygeeks Header

OPI Color Paints Blendable Nail Lacquer

We told you about 'em yesterday in this OPI Color Paints post. I'm guessing that with Formula X saying it's "first-to-market," their release date might just sneak in before OPI's and Essie's. Someone mentioned the OPI line is supposed to launch in September, but we've heard April. Well, this wouldn't be the first time a launch got moved in a hurry because of competition.

At this point, of these upcoming releases does anything strike your fancy? Have you picked which one you're going to try first? Huh?

We haven't received any press on these launches, so I played super-detective to see what I could find. Hopefully my information is correct but if it isn't, hey, don't believe everything you read on the interwebs, okay?