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secrets... revealed... sorta.
OPI Color Paints Beautygeeks

OPI Color Paints Blendable Nail Lacquer

OPI Color Paints Blendable Nail Lacquer photographs started flying around the interwebs a few days ago and the nail community was thrown into a tizzy looking for information. Bits and pieces are squeaking out and it makes us giddy for more! By the way, according to Danny, it's Color Paints - two words.

I don’t have much for you yet but I’m betting I’ll have more soon. There’s this image (from opi_professional_italia IG) that started circulating a few days ago.

OPI Color Paints Danny Phung Beautygeeks

OPI Colour Paints via Instagram

Head Beautygeek re-grammed it, and last night she got a response from OPI global nail artist Danny Phung, who is based in Vancouver.

If you can't read what it says there because you're on a mobile, Danny Phung says OPI Color Paints "are chromatic, using a special silver base to change the color from light to dark, hence 'blendable.' The same color will change [the] effect depending on brush stroke and pressure, as well as using other colors in the collection. It's meant to be fun and easy so the average consumer can achieve their own style of art at home."

OPI Color Paints_image via OPI global artist Danny Phung on Instagram

Image via Danny Phung on Instagram featuring the work of OPI artist Alex Falba using OPI Colorpaints

Oooh – very interesting. I still have no idea what that could possibly mean. Is it "instant nail art?" Like the nail images on the poster and the box? Is this for people who can't art? Does the polish just do that when you layer at will? I don't get it. I have no visual. I need a tutorial. I need bottles. I need to get my nails in this SO badly!

In the meantime, please enjoy some photos of what OPI Colorpaints are gonna look like in all their boxed and displayed glory. Whispers I've been hearing on the street are of an end of April release date. Man, that's far away...

OPI ColorPaints OPI Color Paints Mini Set

OPI Colorpaints (or Color Paints) Blendable Nail Lacquer Mini Set

Keep your eyes glued to Beautygeeks and – I have a feeling news will be flying fast and furious within the next few days. If I manage to catch any OPI Color Paints info in my butterfly net, I'll be sure to keep you posted.

If you're interested in what sources say OPI is gonna say to the masses, here you go: "Make a play date with color! Make your next mani a paint party with ColorPaints by OPI! Expect the unexpected when you blend them, layer them, or team them up to create a masterpiece of color on your nails. The secret to these ultra-luminous nail lacquers is a silver base that makes these shades illuminate with striking, vivid color. Start with a stripe here, a swoosh there, or just go wild - any way you go, you’re sure to create a look that’s eye-catching stylish!"

OPI ColorPaints Color Paints Trio

OPI Color Paints Blendable Nail Lacquer Trio

Are you on the edge of your seat wondering about the newfangled OPI Colour Paints Blendable Nail Lacquer? Does it seem like something you’d want to play in? And how come the mini set doesn't have a gratis nail-art brush, huh?