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This is why I love my Shoppers Drug Mart.

The Ceramic Glaze Stunning Soiree collection spring 2015 drops this April and I gotta tell you that I’m excited. Like a big old "Squeeee!" kind of excited. It’s four new limited edition shades and four re-promotes and they're all really, really beautiful.

Ceramic Glaze Stunning Soiree Spring 2015

Ceramic Glaze Stunning Soiree Collection Spring 2015

For those of you in the US, I invite you to play “Name that China Glaze” because here in Canada, Ceramic Glaze = China Glaze. It’s a brand available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores across Canada simply because China Glaze doesn’t have a huge amount of shelf-space here. It’s waaaay easier for me to get my hands on Ceramic Glaze and honestly, I think I might have about 5 China Glaze shades in The Archives vs the 40 or so Ceramic Glaze shades I’m.. uh.. storing. Blah, blah, blah, stop talking, ManiGeek! Let's just seeee!

Ceramic Glaze Stunning Soiree Swatches

Ceramic Glaze Blueberry Bubblegum April 2015

Ceramic Glaze Blueberry Bubblegum

Ceramic Glaze Blueberry Bubblegum (above). You’re going to want to use two coats with all of these shades. The first coat you must get good, even lines at the cuticles and side walls. Then for the second coat, just go at it and the stuff will level itself beautifully. Put more on your brush for coat #2 and you’ll see – coat #2 is where the magic happens.

Ceramic Glaze Boogie Beats Stunning Soiree Collection 2015

Ceramic Glaze Boogie Beats

Ceramic Glaze Boogie Beats (above). I know, right? How’s that for a perfect teal blue, huh? Yeah, you know you wannit. This here shade is one of the four new releases for spring.

Ceramic Glaze Blue Suede Shoes Stunning Soiree 2015

Ceramic Glaze Blue Suede Shoes

Ceramic Glaze Blue Suede Shoes (above). It’s new for Ceramic Glaze but it’s a shade we’ve seen a lot over the past couple of years. The formula on this one is a little sticky and you’ll probably need to know that going in. Be prepared to work for the results you see in my shot. She’s gloopy. She made me angry. If you could zoom the photo, you’d see my cuticle lines aren’t perfect. I’m glad you can’t zoom. Ha!

Ceramic Glaze Honolulu Hibiscus April 2015

Ceramic Glaze Honolulu Hibiscus

Ceramic Glaze Honolulu Hibiscus (above). Not new but #GimmieThat. Dusty grape is my big thing this season. I don’t really know what it is about purples this year but I’m all over ‘em. I must have them all.

Ceramic Glaze Russian Rouge Stunning Soiree Collection 2015

Ceramic Glaze Russian Rouge

Ceramic Glaze Russian Rouge (above). This has long been a core shade for Ceramic Glaze and looking at it, I’m pretty sure you can see why. You can OCW!! this shade but I didn’t – I wanted to see if a second coat made it better and it does. It just gives you a better overall saturation of colour and saturation of colour is a very good thing.

Ceramic Glaze Polish Papaya Sunrise Swatch Stunning Soiree 2015

Ceramic Glaze Papaya Sunrise

Ceramic Glaze Papaya Sunrise (above). She’s not new but she’s a most beautiful coral in two super-easy coats. Do you need to know I was super-lazy again and didn’t top coat any of this stuff? It’s true. It’s this shiny all by itself.

Ceramic Glaze Belle of the Disco Ball April 2015

Ceramic Glaze Belle of the Disco Ball

Ceramic Glaze Belle of the Disco Ball (above). Bubblegum pink! You don’t need more information than that, do you? Two coats, excellent level, and excellent shine. Man, I sound like a busted record!

Ceramic Glaze Fabulous & Flirty April 2015

Ceramic Glaze Fabulous & Flirty

Ceramic Glaze Fabulous & Flirty (above). This grape-tastic-fuchsia is a limited edition shade and it’s 10,000% trending this season. If you’re in the market for a shade like this, Ceramic Glaze will take care of you. I love it. I’m never giving it up. Ever. I might even pop across to my Shoppers and get me a backup bottle! You know, for The Archives.

And wait!! As a super-bonus for reading all the way down to here, please enjoy my swatch of Ceramic Glaze Shell Me About It. She’s a neon with a matte finish and there was a BOGO at Shoppers a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t help myself. Can you blame me? Nope, you can’t.

Ceramic Glaze Shell Me About It Neon Matte Polish

Ceramic Glaze Shell Me About It (aka China Glaze That's Shore Bright - I think)

And that’s it for today, friends! If you’re in the US, seriously let me know what the China Glaze equivalents are so that others in the US can go get ‘em too. And would you like me to mention that this is merely the first of the Ceramic Glaze collections that I’m working on? Because it is. I have a couple more to go so stay tuned, yes?

Availability: $9.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores across Canada.

Manicures and photographs Karen Falcon (she has seen the new neons and she can’t wait to play!)