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can't. stop. sweeping. this. brush. over. my. face. typing. one. hand.
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Sephora Pro Contour Kabuki makeup brush

I'm so having an affair with this new Sephora Pro Contour Kabuki makeup brush.

I almost never use makeup brushes on myself any more. But I can't stop just sweeping this lovely new curved Sephora Pro Contour Kabuki brush over the planes of my face. I don't even have makeup on it, I just sweep it over my skin. 

Designed to appy and blend powder, liquid and cream makeup easily and seamlessly in one or two strokes, Sephora Pro Contour Kabuki is plush, firm and soft, and fits beautifully over my cheekbones and under them, and in the hollows of my cheeks and along my jawline. I have yet to use it with powder or foundation, so I can't give you a proper performance review, I'm sorry. But as soon as I can, I'll add notes here.

You should know that I had to take the brush to a different room and leave it there just so I could type this. I kept running it over my cheekbones while trying to type with one hand. Oops.

The Sephora Pro Contour Kabuki brush ($48 at and $38 at is available now.