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Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015 Collection Le Verins_2

Le Vernis: Chanel Méditerranée Summer Collection 2015

The Chanel Méditerranée Summer 2015 collection is landing on-counter May 4, 2015  -- it's at neimanmarcus.com as of the second week of April, and at nordstrom.com the week after -- and you’ve been waiting for the polish swatches, right? Well guess what! C’mon! Guess!

chanel méditerranée swatches

Four happy shades are coming in May. There’s Méditerranée 707, Terrana 697 (limited edition summer shade), Coquilicot 717, and Lavanda 727. They all go on pretty splendidly and in my limited Archives, I don’t have a dupe. Shall we get a little closer? Hmmm?

Chanel Mediterranee 707_Chanel Summer 2015

Chanel Méditerranée 707

Above: Chanel Méditerranée 707 – summer 2015. What can I tell you that you can’t already see from that photo? Nuthin.’

Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015 Le Vernis

Chanel Méditerranée 707

Above: Chanel Méditerranée 707 – summer 2015. Please enjoy this lovely shade from another angle.

Chanel Coquelicot 717_Chanel Mediterranee Collection Summer 2015

Chanel Coquelicot 717

Above: Chanel Coquelicot 717 – summer 2015. Two coats. Everything is only two coats. And, I was lazy – there’s no top coat on any of this stuff. Shame on me.

Chanel Mediterranee Collection Coquelicot 717 Swatch

Chanel Coquelicot 717

Above: Chanel Coquelicot 717 – yep, just another angle for your viewing pleasure.

Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015_Chanel Lavanda 727 Le Vernis

Chanel Lavanda 727

Above: Chanel Lavanda 727 – summer 2015. Gah! Purple awesomeness! And jelly-like purple awesomeness too! It looks kind of squishy, right? I dig it.

Chanel Lavanda 727_Chanel Mediterranee Collection Summer 2015

Chanel Lavanda 727

Above: Chanel Lavanda 727. Must.Have.This.

Chanel Terrana 697_Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015_1

Chanel Terrana 697

Above: Chanel Terrana 697 – limited edition summer 2015. You saw it says limited edition, right? Yep.

Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015_Terrana 697 Vernis

Chanel Terrana 697

Above: Chanel Terrana 697. Why another shot? Well that’s because this one looks so much different when light hits it from certain angles. It’s actually a remarkably complicated shade and I know you thought I’d be all over the purple (on account of my love of purple) but in this here Chanel Méditerranée 2015 collection, this shade is my favourite.

Chanel Terrana Vernis 697_Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015

Chanel Terrana 697

Above: Chanel Terrana 697. And just one more shot of Terrana for you. Hopefully this one shows the depth of colour, the below-the-surface shimmer, and the way the light comes off it when it hits at different angles. It’s really very beautiful.

Now you’re probably wondering if you have anything in your Polish Archives that’s similar or the same, right? Well, I got nuthin’. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Bubkus. Here, I'll show you...

chanel méditerranée comparison swatches

Chanel Mediterranee Comparison Swatch vs OPI Essie Colour Prevails

Chanel Méditerranée Comparison Swatches

Above: Chanel Méditerranée 707 Comparisons

Chanel Coquelicot Comparison Swatch vs OPI Essie

Chanel Coquelicot Comparison Swatches

Above: Chanel Coquelicot 717 Comparisons

Chanel Lavanda Comparison Swatch vs OPI

Chanel Lavanda Comparison Swatches

Above: Chanel Lavanda 727 Comparisons

Chanel Terrana Comparison Swatch vs OPI

Chanel Terrana Comparison Swatches

Above: Chanel Terrana 697 Comparisons

See? No dupes from my major-brand stick collection. I do have other stuff in my Helmers so if you think of something that I didn’t get to, holla and if I have the sticks, you know I’ll take the pics.

Thanks for stopping by, friends! It’s always so lovely to spend a little quality time with you. I do wish you’d brought some Crunchy Cheetos with you though. I’m kinda hungry. Maybe next time? Oh! Before I forget, Janine did a post on the Chanel Mediterranée summer makeup collection! If you’re not only about polish, you might wanna go see the lippies and the powder and eyeshadow sticks 'n stuff!

For more information on everything Chanel, visit Chanel.com.

UPDATE: The Chanel Le Vernis Méditerranée Collection is available now at nordstrom.com and at neimanmarcus.com. It hits counters on May 4th.

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