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I fell down the rabbit hole again...
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Rumors of twelve new OPI Infinite Shine Shades for Summer 2015... There’s not much out there but there’s this. I found it as I was wandering around the interwebs. I have zero confirmation on any of it. Zilch. Anyhow, I discovered a couple of puny images and a handful of shade names. Wanna see?

The top row from left to right: Enter the Golden Era, Bee Mine Forever, S-ageless Beauty, To Be Continued, Wild Blue Yonder, The Sun Never Sets.

OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2015 Beautygeeks

New OPI Infinite Shine Shades for Summer 2015?

The bottom row left to right: Purpletual Motion, Lavendurable, Follow Your Bliss… and then I run out of names. Booooo.

OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2015 Display Beautygeeks

Display for the New OPI Shades for Summer 2015?

Anyhow, I can’t prove any of it so don't hold me to any of it, okay? Either way, I hope you enjoyed the results of my trip into the black hole of the interwebz.

UPDATE: Wait! Don't go! I scored all the shades names and here: I made you a pretty picture!

OPI IS Infinite Shine Summer 2015 Purpletual Emotion

OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2015 Release

For more information on Infinite Shine, we’ve got an OPI Infinite Shine Review here, and a whack of OPI IS Swatches here. For everything else, head on over to

See ya’ll later! xoxoK.