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I loves me some Joe
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Joe Fresh Polish Spring 2015_2

Joe Fresh Spring 2015

I love shopping for lettuce. Not. But, if you’re in Canada, where’s there’s lettuce, maybe there's the Joe Fresh Polish spring 2015 collection. It makes lettuce shopping a much happier experience and I’ll show you why.

Joe Fresh Polish Loblaws Superstore Beautygeeks

Lettuce shopping at Loblaws = Joe Fresh Polish

Joe Fresh Polish Spring 2015_3

See? Meh.

Joe Fresh Spring 2015 Collection Swatches

Joe Fresh Spring 2015 Swatches

Joe Fresh Polish - the bottle, the brush, the cap.

It’s important for me to show you what these little bottles are made up of. In that picture above, you can see the cute little 6mL bottle, the really great flexible brush, and the pop-off cap that reveals the easy-to-maneuver handle thingy. I like these bottles ‘n brushes. A lot.

Joe Fresh Spring 2015_ Joe Fresh Ice

Joe Fresh Spring 2015 - Ice

Above: Joe Fresh Ice. Shimmery pearl with a pale blue flash in two easy coats. Would I wear it like that all by itself? Probably not, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s very pretty if you’re a fan of shimmery sheer.

Joe Fresh Spring 2015_Joe Fresh Pink Pearl

Joe Fresh Spring 2015 - Pink Pearl

Above: Joe Fresh Pink Pearl. Wow. Does that remind you of anything? Hmmm? Yeah, there’s a certain Essie Cashmere Matte that’s awfully similar (but not the same). This here Joe Fresh Pink Pearl is less than ½ the price and has the same satin matte finish.

Joe Fresh Spring 2015_Ice over Pink Pearl

Joe Fresh Ice over Joe Fresh Pink Pearl

Above: Joe Fresh Ice over Pink Pearl. Oooh! Pretty! One coat of Ice over two coats of Pink Pearl – so easy!

Joe Fresh Spring 2015_Joe Fresh Mist

Joe Fresh Spring 2015 - Mist

Above: Joe Fresh Mist. There’s something about this almost frosty, almost pearly shimmery greenish grey that speaks to me. I really, really like it.

Joe Fresh Pale Blue_Joe Fresh Spring 2015

Joe Fresh Spring 2015 - Pale Blue

Above: Joe Fresh Pale Blue. Not particularly exciting, but perfectly on-trend for spring this year. Application of this barely-blue is easier than I thought it would be with so much white stuffed in there. That’s two coats and no top coat – shiny, huh?

Joe Fresh Polish Spring 2015_Joe Fresh Powder Blue

Joe Fresh Spring 2015 - Powder Blue

Above: Joe Fresh Powder Blue. I like this blue much better than the last but maybe because I haven’t seen that many in this shade for spring 2015. Pale cornflower blue that leans a little lilac – so pretty.

Joe Fresh Spring 2015_Joe Fresh Mauve

Joe Fresh Spring 2015 - Mauve

Above: Joe Fresh Polish Spring 2015 – Mauve. Ooooh. Dusty, dusty lilac. Similar to OPI Hello Hawaii Ya, yes. But, Mauve is lighter - more like the OPI’s softer, gentler sister. J’adore.

Joe Fresh Spring 2015_Joe Fresh Sweet Pea

Joe Fresh Spring 2015 - Sweet Pea

Above: Joe Fresh Sweet Pea. Shades like these make me smile simply because they’re not for everyone. It takes a brave kind of polish wearer to sport a chartreusey shade like this one. I’m that brave kind of wearer. My dad would not approve of this shade – he’d probably call it ghastly. I just call it fun.

Joe Fresh Spring 2015_ Joe Fresh Pale Moss

Joe Fresh Spring 2015 - Pale Moss

Above: Joe Fresh Pale Moss. Oh, a Joe Fresh chrome. They’ve been popping a few of these out over the past couple seasons and really, they’ve got a sweet formula. That’s two coats over my super-smooth RCM base coat. It dries down without the heavy streaking you’d expect from a $4 polish but hey, it’s Joe Fresh and Joe Fresh makes a swell little bottle-o-polish. Top coat dulls the finish so roll without. Also, if you’re lucky, as with all the chrome finishes, you’ll get a whole day of wear!

Joe Fresh Comparison Swatches

Joe Fresh Pale Blue Comparison Swatches Beautygeeks

Joe Fresh Pale Blue vs A Bunch of Other Stuff Comparison Swatch

And that’s the Joe Fresh polish spring 2015 lineup. Anything grab you? At $4 a shade or 3 for $10, I think I’ll head to the grocery store now. Oh – and you’re going to use your favourite base and top coat with these, right? Just like with any polish, you need that stuff to increase wear time.

Joe Fresh cosmetics are available at select Supercentre, Loblaws and Joe Fresh stores. Click here for the storefinder.

Manicures and photographs Karen Falcon (she's very proud of her lettuce pictures)