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Zoya Hazel GuessThePolish

ManiGeek's #GuessThePolish

If you're following ManiGeek's Instagram, you've seen me chuck up #GuessThePolish posts every now and again. What happens is I get up in the morning, look at all the things waiting for me on my desk, get overwhelmed, and make a u-turn to The Archives instead. I open a drawer, pick a polish, and this is what you end up with. 

zoya hazel

Zoya Hazel Irresistible Collection Summer 2013_4

Zoya Hazel - Irresistible Collection summer 2013

Today's drawer was the Zoya drawer. There's not that much in there - maybe 20 or so shades but I love them all. For a while, Zoya was getting awfully scarce in Toronto but I recently spotted a new stand at the Trade Secrets store I generally frequent. It looks like they're starting to carry it again -- happy times.

Zoya Hazel Irresistible Collection Summer 2013_3

Zoya Hazel in low light - Irresistible Collection summer 2013

So Zoya Hazel. So much pretty. Also, very similar to Zoya Crystal but as we all know, similar is not the same. Complicated and shiny, Zoya Hazel is lovely in two incredibly easy coats. Oh! And this bottle was actually gifted to me by my Polish BFF LisaLisaLisa in NY. It's like she knows me!

Zoya Hazel Irresistible Collection Summer 2013

Zoya Hazel in normal daylight - Irresistible Collection summer 2013

Zoya Hazel is still available for purchase from

By the way friends, how do you feel about my #GuessThePolish on Instagram? Would you like more of 'em? Should I just do 'em here on the weblog instead? Your thoughts are always welcome!

Manicures & Photographs Karen Falcon (PolishBestiesAreBest)