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hit me with that summer stuff!
CND Vinylux Garden Muse 2015 Compilation

CND Vinylux Garden Muse Collection Swatches

The CND Vinylux Garden Muse collection 2015 hits shelves this month and it’s about time! It feels like I’ve been waiting all winter to see something shiny 'n bright so I’m incredibly pleased with these six shades of polish.

CND Vinylux Garden Muse Swatches

CND Garden Muse Beckoning Begonia Summer 2015

CND Beckoning Begonia - Garden Muse Collection 2015

Above: CND Vinylux Beckoning Begonia. I seriously almost got away with a single coat of this. No joke. Amazeballz. On this side of the screen, you can really see the shimmer in there. It lightens and brightens this shade and makes me smile. So lovely in lilac!

CND Vinylux Crushed Rose_Garden Muse Collection 2015

CND Crushed Rose – Garden Muse Collection 2015

Above: Vinylux Crushed Rose. This shade applied like a dream. Vinlyux is oftentimes like that. It goes on remarkably well, has a perfectly flexible brush, and gives excellent coverage. Interestingly, this shade can be a very dusty pink with a good shot of lilac or…

CND Vinylux Garden Muse Crushed Rose 2015

CND Crushed Rose – Garden Muse Collection 2015

Above: CND Vinylux Crushed Rose. This brighter, more rosy shade of pink shows up when there’s more light. Either way, I’ll take it!

CND Vinylux Garden Muse 2015_CND Vinylux Reflecting Pool

CND Reflecting Pool – Garden Muse Collection 2015

Above: Vinylux Reflecting Pool. Well that’s a pretty blue, ain’t it? I’ve been seeing this shade of blue roaming around quite a bit lately – it’s trending, for sure. I can tell you why, too. Uh, it’s because it’s awesome? A simple solid shade of my favourite pencil crayon. Remember that peacock blue pencil crayon? Yeah – same!

CND Garden Muse Collection 2015_Vinylux Lost Labyrinth

CND Lost Labyrinth – Garden Muse Collection 2015

Above: Vinylux Lost Labyrinth. This is another one of those shades that’s making the rounds for the spring/summer sea-son. Ha! Sea what I did there? Ha! I did it again! That’s two simple coats to opaque. Yes, I could have layered it over black but really, I just want bright things. There’s a slight shift in there to a violet-blue but it’s not particularly obvious unless you’re really looking. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Also, a little streaky but it kinda works, right?

CND Garden Muse 2015_Vinylux Butterfly Queen

CND Butterfly Queen – Garden Muse Collection 2015

Above: CND Vinylux Butterfly Queen. Man-O-Man! Lookit that crazy vibrant fuchsia! Wow! This is the shade I was most excited to slap on – there’s a lot going on in this bottle and sadly, now that it’s on my nails, I don’t love it. What you’re looking at in the shot is two coats of Butterfly Queen followed by the CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat. I’m pretty sure you can see the odd glitter clump on my index and the bumps on my middle and ring. Yeah – the stuff didn’t all want to go down flat. Not only that, it didn’t want to give me clean lines at the cuticle either. The formula might have been a little better – I don’t like to have to scrap with a polish to get clean lines – that agitates me.

CND Vinylux Butterfly Queen_Garden Muse Collection 2015

CND Butterfly Queen mattified – Garden Muse Collection 2015

Above: CND Vinylux Butterfly Queen – mattified. Hold.The.Phone!!! OMSqueeeee I love this so much! I take back everything I said about Butterfly Queen before (except the clean lines part). I am so enamored with this mattified shade that I can barely even speak. I really dig it.

CND Vinylux Wisteria Haze_CND Garden Muse Collection 2015

CND Wisteria Haze – Garden Muse Collection 2015

Above: Vinylux Wisteria Haze. No, not my normal mani images; this was at the CND preview event in Toronto. The shade is Wisteria Haze – it's beautiful. It’s also another one of those polishes that goes on splendidly. This formula and this brush together are really very good.

CND Vinylux Wisteria Haze Garden Muse Collection 2015

Vinylux Wisteria Haze

Above: Vinylux Wisteria Haze. My bottle is in! Ta da! Two easy coats - the stuff almost paints itself. Genius.

Vinylux Garden Muse Comparison Swatch(es)

Vinylux Wisteria Haze Comparison You're Such a Budapest Beautygeeks

Vinylux Wisteria Haze vs OPI You're Such a Budapest Comparison Swatch

I like Vinylux shades a lot. They’ve been cranking out stuff that’s hitting all the right notes for me. Every single collection they’ve done since Spring 2014 has made me somewhat weak in the knees. Do I get 7 days from it? Nah, I don't get 2 days from anything. But hey, that’s what Shellac is for and thankfully, some of these Garden Muse shades will be available in Shellac (Beckoning Begonia, Wisteria Haze, Lost Labyrinth, and Butterfly Queen) so not to worry!

The CND Vinylux and Shellac Garden Muse Shades are available worldwide sometime this March 2015 from places like If you’re on foot in Canada, check in at your local Trade Secrets too! And don’t forget you neeeed the top coat if you’re rollin’ with the Vinylux – that’s what extends the wear.

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she used her stove 'n cooked stuff tonight)