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optimistic little quads of colour that say hey, Spring, what up?
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Dear Spring: where are you, please? We miss you dreadfully. Each day we awaken just hoping for a tiny sign that you're on your way. But all we see (and feel) is GAH! We long for clear blue skies, bright sunshine and sweet breezes, fresh green grass and leaves and cheerful young flowers. 

The Body Shop Yellow Poppy Shimmer Cubes and Pink Poppy Shimmer Cubes Spring 2015

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Spring 2015

Well, the happy colour in The Body Shop Spring 2015 Yellow Poppy Shimmer Cubes ($22 at the and $22 at and Pink Poppy Shimmer Cubes ($22 at and $22 at keep telling us to keep the faith, that you're just days away, Spring. That vibrant blue and golden yellow, crisp acid green and juicy orange... *sigh*

The Body Shop Spring 2015 Shimmer Cubes

Spring's closer than we think, right? These peppy, Poppy Shimmer Cubes are already on shelves. Love the shades -- so good natured in the face of Mother Nature's snarky mood. They're a bit shimmery for me, but what about you? Anyone have them? Tried them? What do you think?