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"pop colors are center stage for spring & summer 2015" - Jin Soon Choi.

The Jinsoon Tila March collection for spring/summer 2015 has arrived and I feel like it’s something we really need to talk about. Why? Uh, because it’s really swell?

JinSoon Tila March Collection 2015_BGeeks

JinSoon Tila March 2015 Collection Swatches

Jin Soon Choi and Tila March designer Tamara Taichman are set to bring you this mega-statement collaboration. These aren’t shades for the meek ‘n mild. These are shades that are meant to be seen and also heard. My kinda shades!

Hold on. Lemme show you these limited edition Tila March x Jinsoon pretties first. Then swatches!

JINsoon Tila March Bags

photo courtesy tumblr

Jinsoon Tila March Swatches:

JinSoon Tila March Collection 2015_JinSoon Doux

Jinsoon Doux - Jinsoon x Tila March 2015

Above: Jinsoon Doux. I’m going to start here with what I thought was going to be my least favourite to apply. Turns out I was mistaken. I figured that because there’s so much white in this barely pink white, it’d be a challenge to get it on and make it all kinds of tidy. I was wrong. The formula and brush do all the work. I like it when that happens. Also, I love a powder-pink white – it reminds me of the ballet slippers I had as a kid. That memory makes me smile so I love a powder-pink white.

JinSoon Tila March Collection 2015_Jinsoon Charme

Jinsoon Charme - Jinsoon x Tila March 2015

Above: Jinsoon Charme. You’re looking at this and thinking I over-exposed the shot. I didn’t. It absolutely is that bright. She’s a creamy lemon-lime and I love her. I’m not going to lie though – I globbed it on in two coats to get it to self-level without pulling up the first coat (aka balding – yes, balding). The stuff was a wee bit thicker than I’d have liked but once it’s on there, if you can wait for it to dry without zuggin' it, you’re gonna have a smashing, almost-neon mani for summer.

JinSoon Tila March Collection 2015_Jinsoon Tila Nail Polish

Jinsoon Tila - Jinsoon x Tila March 2015

Above: Jinsoon Tila. Interesting choice for a spring/summer collection, right? But if you roll right up on it, you’ll see it’s actually sort of a jelly-like polish. I don’t know if the squishy-ness of this moody green shows in the photo but it’s there. That’s two very easy coats to an almost gel-like opaque finish. That shine comes from the polish – there ain’t even top coat on there, yo!

JinSoon Tila March Collection 2015_Jinsoon Enflammee

Jinsoon Enflammee - Jinsoon x Tila March 2015

Above: Jinsoon Enflammée. Juicy, juicy orange. It’s like that Laurentian pencil crayon #2. You know, the one called Orange? Yeah – that. She goes on like magic and comes out looking nice and squishy with no visible nail lines in two easy coats. Delicious.

JinSoon Tila March Collection 2015_JinSoon Farouche Nail Polish

Jinsoon Farouche - Jinsoon x Tila March 2015

Above: Jinsoon Farouche. I don’t have words. I am SO in love that my head is spinning. Hot raspberry magenta-ized fuchsia with a massive shot of blue to make it warm and keep it bright. Oh. Just, oh. S’like an arrow - shot straight through my heart. Love.Love.Love.

JinSoon Tila March Collection 2015_Jinsoon Farouche Matte Nail Polish

Jinsoon Farouche mattified - Jinsoon x Tila March 2015

Above: Jinsoon Farouche Mattified. Gah!! Too much amazeballz! I don't even care that I blooped it on my thumb. (Ha! made you look).

JinSoon Tila March Spring Summer 2015_Beautygeeks

Jinsoon Tila March Spring Summer 2015 shades

JinSoon Tila comparison OPI Jade is the New Black Beautygeeks

JinSoon Tila vs OPI Jade Is The New Black Comparison Swatch

If it isn’t by now, Jinsoon polish should really be on your radar. It’s vibrant, highly pigmented, vegan-friendly, 5-free, and beautifully shiny. With the exception of Charme, the formulas were all quite excellent and everything else went on like a dream. If you’re smart enough to get your digits in a bottle (or 5) of the Jinsoon Tila March shades ($22 each at and $18 each at, you’ll see what I’m on about. It.Is.Good.


Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she has acetone wipes in her wallet)