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the star's makeup by Sarah Tanno is so freaking pretty
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Lady Gaga shoots in back of cab for Shiseido_photo via Sarah Tanno

Lady Gaga for Shiseido, shot Feb 2015; makeup by Sarah Tanno

Good God, Lady Gaga looks fabulous in her lastest photographs for Shiseido. That makeup! The above campaign was shot in the back of a cab on Friday February 27th; celebrity artist Sarah Tanno did that stunning makeup.

Lady Gaga for Shiseido_Feb 2015

Lady Gaga after her back-of-a-cab photoshoot for Shiseido

Gaga's makeup has been pretty incredible lately, don't you think? Her Oscars 2015 red-carpet makeup, her 2015 Grammy Awards makeup... 

Lady Gaga Vanity Fair Oscars 2014 party

Lady Gaga on the Vanity Fair Oscars 2014 party red carpet

...and her makeup for the Vanity Fair Oscars 2014 party last year -- wow. Those fluttery lashes and that shimmery shadow -- I die.

Lady Gaga Vanity Fair Oscars 2014?

Lady Gaga looks like a pretty doll

This image looks as though it's from the Oscar night last year as well -- same background, same wig, same earrings. Probably needs some colour-adusting in Photoshop. No matter, still stunning.

Lady Gaga in beautiful makeup

Lady Gaga in lovely makeup -- her skin looks insanely glowy

And omigoodness this -- beautiful.

It's weird, I know, but I'm just gonna stare at these photos awhile. You?