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20 years after its iconic Sky nail polish made its splash in the mid-90s, the cosmetic company adds colourful frames to its lineup
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Hard Candy, yes of Sky nail polish fame, has got into the eyewear game with affordable and fun frames for prescription lenses soon to hit Canadian Walmart stores (they're already available in the US). Frames are expected to run about $60 each; Walmart has optical outlets in each store, so shoppers can choose frames and have a prescription filled very conveniently.

Hard Candy eyewear -- fun frames, readers and sunglasses too

Hard Candy frames for prescription lenses, coming soon to Walmart Canada. Readers coming too.

Inexpensive readers will also launch at about the same time, and no -- they won't be your grandmother's wire-rimmed types either. "We're targeting the new-to-readers consumer who still wants to look current," says Ketan Patel, senior vice president of brand development. He sports a sleek pair of frames with bold red trim. Readers will retail for about $14.

Hard Candy sunglasses will also launch at Walmart this Spring.

How 'bout that? Naturally I'm keen on seeing more of the readers -- I'm exactly that new-to-readers consumer, and most of what's available in the reading-glasses category is depressing. Except for Joe Fresh, thank God, who offers good-looking options (ad agency creatives would wear them) at Superstores and the like. It's about time someone else realized that no-one wants to look like a librarian from 1890.

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