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"Squealing like a little girl over Dior is perfectly okay"... D.C.
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Dior Vernis Rouge Brilliant 2015

Dior Rouge Brilliant Limited Edition Vernis 2015: Rose 499, Corail 899, Pink 599

The Dior Rouge Brilliant 2015 collection is landing on-counter March 1, 2015 and while it’s a collection that celebrates the first House of Dior gloss, it also features three beautiful limited edition Dior Vernis shades to round out the collection. Wanna see?

Dior Rouge Brilliant Vernis Spring 2015 Pink 599 Rose 499 Corail 899

Dior Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer: Rose 499, Pink 599, Corail 899

dior rouge brilliant vernis swatches

Like many people, I began my life-in-polish with inexpensive bottles of Cutex, Revlon, and Wet ‘n Wild. And they were great. I loved them all. Some were better than others, and that’s still true today. Since that time (decades ago), I’ve had opportunity to play in pretty much everything. And I tell ya what, Dior Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer is extraordinary. It’s top shelf. It’s the bee’s knees. 

Dior Rouge Brilliant Vernis Spring 2015_Dior Rose 499

Dior Rouge Brilliant 2015: Dior Vernis Rose 499 (golden shimmeryness!)

From some angles, you can really see the fine golden shimmer stuffed into Rose 499 and from others, not so much. S'just one of the things that makes this shade special.

Dior Rouge Brilliant 2015_Dior Vernis Rose 499_2

Dior Rouge Brilliant 2015: Dior Vernis Rose 499

Lemme just say this: if you find a Dior nail lacquer colour you can absolutely fall in love with, buy it. Fine, read some reviews first if you need to be sure, but do it. If you have to save your allowance, do it. Do it just one time for yourself so you can experience the magic of a Dior Gel Shine polish. From brush to box, it’s all so very good

Dior Rouge Brilliant Spring 2015_Dior Pink 599 Vernis

Dior Rouge Brilliant Spring 2015: Dior Pink 599 (again, with golden shimmer)

I defy you to find a better brush in all of polish land – so far, in my experience, a better one does not exist. I give this brush a 10/10. It makes polishing such a pleasure. Oftentimes I sit here at my desk and “get to work.” With Dior, it’s not work, it’s just easy. They really, really, really know how to make a perfect bottle of polish.

Dior Rouge Brilliant Spring 2015_Dior Corail 899 Vernis

Dior Rouge Brilliant 2015: Dior Corail 899 (a touch of dusty coral in this shot)

I freakin’ LOVE Dior Vernis. Can you tell? It.Is.Best. That is all.

Dior Rouge Brilliant Spring 2015_Dior Vernis Corail 899

Dior Rouge Brilliant 2015: Dior Corail 899 (a touch more poppy-coral in this shot)

Dior Corail comparison Dior Aventure_Beautygeeks

Dior Aventure vs Dior Corail Comparison

Dior Corail Comparison Swatch with other Dior Glory

Dior Corail Comparison Swatches by Reader Request

The three shades featured here (Rose 499, Pink 599, and Corail 899) are limited edition and sources say they’ll only be available for four months. In the meantime, the core Dior Vernis collection has some stunning shades to play with (see our shoppity-shop-shop links). Happy painting friends!


Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (Dior = best polish brush of ever)