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pretty on the outside but how's the inside?
MAC Toldeo Vixen and Venus Red Nail 2015

MAC Toledo Nail Lacquer Venus Red & Vixen

MAC Toledo Nail Lacquer is on-counter right now! I managed to get my little fingers in two of the three shades and boy howdy am I in love with this packaging!

MAC Toledo Nail Ruben Toledo Prints Google

Ruben Toledo prints from Google Images

What’s the deal with this really cool wrappery? Well… “fashion’s most romantic couple, Isabel and Ruben Toledo, are renowned for their award-winning and imaginative work in fashion design and illustration. This unique collaboration with MAC pairs Isabel’s sensational penchant for colour with Ruben’s vibrant energy in a palette of hues designed to sculpt, paint and transform the face. Specially designed white packaging features Ruben’s illustrations, an array of graphic lines and red-lipped faces brought to life with his one-of-a-kind aesthetic.” Together, these two are a powerhouse in the world of fashion and illustration.

Mac Toledo Isabel Toldeo Fashion Google

Isabel Toledo fashion from Google Images

Enough about the outside – let’s see what’s inside!

MAC Toledo Venus Red Nail 2015

MAC Toledo Venus Red limited edition 2015

Above: MAC Toledo Nail Lacquer Venus Red. Ooooh. S’poppy red and s’beautiful. The brush in here combined with this highly pigmented shade allows you to get the stuff on in one easy coat. Did I stop at one? Nope. I coulda but I didn’t. I did two - for extra shine and extra depth. I didn’t even slap top coat on there and lookit that shine! MAC Toledo Venus Red is stunning. It also didn’t even give me lobster hands!

MAC Toledo Venus Red Nail Polish 2015

MAC Toledo Venus Red limited edition 2015

Above: MAC Toledo Nail Lacquer Venus Red. S'just a different exposure is all. Venus shows both pretty ways depending on your lighting situation.

MAC Toledo Vixen Nail Polish 2015

MAC Toledo Vixen limited edition 2015

Above: MAC Toledo Nail Lacquer Vixen. If not for the packaging on this here bottle, I’d probably take a pass. Upon first glance, it’s that oxblood red/burgundy that you’ve seen a million times before and if you don’t have one, yes, you’re likely to say #GimmieThat. BUT, if you already have one and it’s good, then (unless you’re after the packaging as a collector’s item), this one is not for you. The brush in here is a little too stiff for this consistency of polish. It makes it hard to get the stuff on exactly where you want without flooding or slight unevenness around the cuticle. Also, removal is a bit of a mess simply because the stain-factor on this shade is wicked-high. You’ll have red cuticles and sidewalls for days.

MAC Toledo Vixen Nail 2015

MAC Toledo Vixen limited edition 2015

Above: MAC Toledo Vixen. I did two coats of the MAC Vixen and it was two coats too many. I’d much rather have that bottle of Venus Red to play in.

MAC Toledo Nail Lacquers

MAC Toledo Nail Lacquers

And that’s all I got. There is one more shade of MAC Toledo Nail Lacquer called Faint of Heart and it’s a “palest milky nude” crème polish.

MAC Ruben Toledo Illustration

MAC Toledo (photo courtesy MAC Cosmetics)

Oh! Hey! This MAC Toledo Collection is stuffed full of beautifully packaged things! Not sure if Janine is gonna show you the rest of it or not but here’s all of the things packed into this handy shoppity-shop shop link for you! Oh! And if you're in the UK, carries all the pretty MAC Cosmetics treats too! Failing that, hit for all the latest info on all things MAC.

Thanks for comin’ out, friends – see you tomorrow?

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she learned how to use her Grab)