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this is how you save your shattered pressed powder
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Found this smart little fillable compact at THEFACESHOP for $5 CAN. I thought you'd be able to put loose powder in it so you don't have to carry around the container it came in. But Rae at picked one up to try it and discovered the sifter is just not fine enough for loose powder. Rats.

But you can still use this to save that pressed powder you shattered when you knocked it onto the floor. #beentheredonethat

THEFACESHOP fillable loose-powder compact (great for saving your broken pressed powder too)

THEFACESHOP fillable powder compact for saving your broken pressed powder

You'll find this fillable compact, complete with mesh insert, clear lid and powder applicator, in the accessories bins at your local THEFACESHOP store. It's not yet listed on the new North American THEFACESHOP website; hopefully it will be soon, because now I realize I should have bought one or three. Great little just-because present!

Have you seen a compact like this anywhere else? Maybe one with a more tightly woven mesh sifter? Would love to know other sources!