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i found some stuff in a black hole of the interwebz!
Essie Summer 2015 Neons

Essie Summer 2015? Essie Neons 2015?

Update: Look no further! I have your swatches of Essie Summer 2015 Collection right here! And, oh hey! Guess what! Since I wrote this post, I've swatched, reviewed, compared and linked the Essie Neon 2015 Collection for you, too! You should go. 

Essie Summer 2015 and Essie Neons 2015 might look a little bit like this. But I can’t say for sure. I just got home from work and it’s 3am and I just fell down another rabbit hole in the interwebs and came up with these images in my tired ‘n grubby little hands.

Essie Summer 2015 Collection Maybe

Essie Summer 2015 Collection - maybe?

The are words that go with that first set of six bottles and they go a little sumthin’ like this: "Let’s get prêt-a-surfer this summer! Grab your sunset sneaks and head to the Hamptons in your beach cruiser for your private weekend getaway. This season, be saltwater happy as you hit the waves or just watch the sun-soaked surf sipping a chillato with your peach side babe."

So, water ‘n waves ‘n cocktails ‘n surf in the Hamptons. Okay!

Then the second set of shades looks like it’s possibly the Essie Neon 2015 which would be sweeeeet! Or maybe it's just a buncha bright stuff. I dunno!

The little blurb thing for these six: "Sunny days are the perfect time to have an all access pass to the outdoor festivals filled with free spirit and vibrant vibes. My groove is in the heart and I always love discovering the next coacha’bella. Now, shake your melody maker and make some noise!"

Oftentimes those little blurbs have the shade names stuffed in them but seeing as I have zero official word from Essie on any of this, I can’t say nuthin’ for sure. All I can say is I found this stuff and maybe it’s real and maybe it ain’t. Figured you might wanna see it though so here it is.

Rumors… at this point, it’s just rumors… In a coupla months, we’ll know for sure, so hang tight, yo! In the meantime, we've got your swatches of Essie Spring 2015 and I tell ya what, I love Spring. A lot.

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