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an inexpensive solution to extreme dryness in as little as 20 minutes
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I wish I had this many Bebe Lip Masks... x 1,000

I wish I had this many Bebe Lip Masks right now... x 100. Or 1000.

I'm making a firm decision to become a hoarder when it comes to the BeBe Lip Mask from THEFACESHOP. I have just one left right now, and it makes me really nervous.

Over the last year or so, I've started to get really terrible chapped-lip episodes, in which my lip lines get super red and burn-y and the corners crack painfully. My go-to team -- Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy and Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask -- helps them heal faster and feel so. much. more. comfortable. (Sometimes I start with a drop of Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster.) But this BeBe Lip Mask ($2 at The FaceShop) is my hallelujah.

BeBe Lip Mask ingredient list

BeBe Lip Mask ingredient list

The two-part, lip-shaped BeBe Lip Mask film is soaked in moisturizers, humectants and emollients such as water, glycerin, butylene glycol, castor oil, sodium hyaluronate and shea butter. Its formula also includes plant extracts with anti-inflammatory benefits.

Instructions advise 20 minutes of wear, but I just leave mine on as long as I can -- probably closer to an hour, maybe more, I don't really know. (Update: Stephanie Moothu, manager at the Eaton Centre location of THEFACESHOP says results are better when you delay removal as long as possible.) And my poor lips sang to the angels when I removed it. I immediately followed up with my Fresh serum and Bite lip mask, of course.

I don't use this funny little mask thing all the time, just when I need a major therapeutic dose of hydration. Just one session (extended as per above) makes my traumatized lips feel pretty much normal again, and shaves off another couple of days of extreme-chapping discomfort. So my last precious packet is in a very. safe. place. in case I need it (I keep hoping every time my lips recover that that was the last time *shrug*).

Bebe Lip Mask on lips ©BEAUTYGEEKS/

Bebe Lip Mask on lips -- I can't decide whether this looks cool or creepy. Or like I got lip injections.

Unfortunately the Toronto Eaton Centre location of THEFACESHOP is sold out of the BeBe Lip Mask -- did you notice it's only $2 per package? But the nice staff takes advance phone orders with a valid credit card number; when the product comes in, you can just pick up your stash.

Or you can order a package of four from

Bebe Lip Mask

Bebe Lip Mask -- #gimmethat and #backoffgetyourownsammich

Have you ever tried the Bebe Lip Mask? Are you one of the people responsible for the Toronto shortage??

By the way, THEFACESHOP has launched a brand new North American site: Shipping is available to Canada right now, and will soon become available to the USA too. (The Bebe Lip Mask is not yet listed on the site, but should be eventually.) Click here for Canadian THEFACESHOP locations and click here for THEFACESHOP locations in the USA.

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