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waaaay too much, too much, and wait -- that actually looks... good?
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Poor Giuliana Rancic. I absolutely respect the red-carpet personality's ability to do the not-easy job she does (Golden Globes George Clooney gaffe notwithstanding -- we all have bad days, right?). But I'm pretty sure "Poster Child for Bad Contouring" isn't an intentional part of her career path. Won't stop me from showing you three degrees of contouring on Giuliana Rancic, though. And one degree is a bit of a surprise.

giuliana rancic in bad contouring at the 2015 People's Choice Awards

Giuliana Rancic and her crazy bad contouring at the 2015 People's Choice Awards

1st degree contouring offense

Let's put this on t-shirts: Contouring is NOT A TREND. Contouring is not a trend the way good skincare is not a trend. The way good dental hygiene is not a trend. Contouring, and its must-have partner highlighting, is part of the foundation of looking great -- a supporting character, if you will, not the effing star of the show. Great highlighting and contouring adds subtle shape and glow. It's not supposed to make you look like a paint-by-numbers canvas.

when contouring looks like a vintage paint-by-numbers canvas, that's bad

Obvious shadows and highlights in a vintage paint-by-numbers canvas. Via -- visit the site for a little history and more images.

2nd degree contouring offense

giuliana rancic in obvious contouring at the 2015 golden globes

Giuliana Rancic and her obvious contouring and highlighting at the 2015 Golden Globes

There's a difference between contouring for day and contouring for night -- veteran makeup artist Dino Dilio tells us that here, and so does our lovely man of a thousand makeup tips, Maxime Poulin, here and here. This look on Giuliana is not contouring and highlighting for day, obviously, otherwise it would be far, far more low key. It's still too much for night, though -- we shouldn't be able to see exactly where it is. Besides, Giuliana's bone structure is naturally super-defined because she's so slender. Contouring and highlighting should be softening the angles of her face so she's not so skeletal.

3rd degree contouring -- wait, this is okay!

giuliana rancic in good contouring makeup at the 2014 prime time emmy awards

Giuliana Rancic in her best makeup at the 2014 Prime Time Emmy Awards

I bet this is before someone told Giuliana that contouring was a "trend." She looks great, softer and prettier. I'm gonna say it: Giuliana looks more expensive here. This is subtle sculpting that highlights youthful cheeks and glowing skin as it shows off Giuliana's cheekbones and jawline without making her look cadaverous. Okay, maybe there isn't any contouring under her cheekbones -- it's hard to tell (exactly!) -- but she doesn't need it anyway. Go back to this, Giuliana!

Giuliana Rancic 3 degrees of contouring and highlighting

Giuliana Rancic: 3 degrees of contouring and highlighting

Let's hear your thoughts on these three contouring-and-highlighting looks on GR. Isn't this last photo a surprise?? You don't have to agree with my assessment, obvi -- which look do you think is best?